Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Xroadie Files

Apalling – Inverted Realm
DM – Guitar, JK - Guitar, JA – Bass, JW – Drums

Hot Coals For Branding fast heavy blast you in the face aggressive death metal. Shameful Kiss dark melancholic drag you into hell music. Epileptic Sermon fast heavy grinding shredding growling tones. Artifact And Vessel just blast you in the face with anger and aggression. A Mutilator At Large grabs you slams you against the ground walls and anything else hard. Critical Thinking annihilates your senses with hate and anger. Templar low rumblings chugging riffs chainsaw guitars and growling vocals with scorching leads.

Eleni Drake – Songs On Sunday
Eleni Drake – Guitar/Drums/Piano/Synths/Vocals, Gould Synths/Piano/Drums

4 soft melodies and floating vocals that just envelop you. Ceilings close your eyes and just drift along with some strange but excellent melodies. The Sun Don’t clap and sing along to a catchy tune that will stick in your head for days. Trippy Tea melancholic tones that just take your imagination away. Untitled just let you mind flow as your senses envelop you. Velvet Mouth   jazzy bluesy lounge music.

Clouds Taste Satanic – Evil Eye
Steve Scavuzzo – Guitar, Sean Bay – Bass, Greg Acampora – Drums, Brian Bauhs – Guitar

Evil Eye almost 20 minutes of psychedelic mind tripping stoner rock musical madness. Evil Eye (Single) the seven-minute version. Pagan Worship close your eyes and let your mind run wild with imagination and visit the dark recesses you never go.

Voemmr – O Ovnh Intot Adr Mordrb
Band members ////

Coecr Od Doemrz (Part II) dark heavy demonic music that just swallows your soul. Dorbd Divn the gates of hell open and hordes of demonic being pour forth. Vin Ad Mordrb melancholic sounds envelop you as they drag you into a dark nothingness. Del Ed Ovtmn eerie sounds flow all around you as your imagination runs wild. Profvndr slow dark dementia just takes over your very soul. Carpatr Tzaeb eerie sounds then dark demented voices with music that just takes you right into the mouth of hell.

Oreida – Oreida
Band members ????

Dagar over nine minutes of fast heavy blast you in the face melancholic gothic death metal mayhem. Draumar just kicks you in the teeth from the first note and never lets up till the last. Daudi hold on for the death metal shredding ripping tearing ride of your life. Draugar fast heavy punch you in the face slam you against a wall aggression that just pummels you into small pieces.


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