Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Xroadie Files

A Day In Venice – III
Andrej Kralj (Producer/Composer), Vocals – Mickey Shiloh/Martina Paolo Bembi/Jysimusic, Maria Grigoryeva – Violin/Viola, Jakob Jugovic – Bass, Paolo Marchesica/Max Saidi – Drums

Dark Electricity slow spacy eerie sounds that just envelop and pull you into the blackness of your mind. Walls Of Madness a riff that sticks in your head and just pulls you along as it seeps into your conciseness. Tunnel Of Flashy Lights close youe eyes and just drift along to one strange trip. Her Body Rocks has a catchy rhythm that seeps into your very soul and stays there for days. Prison Is A Red Sky slow melodic song that just drifts along the airwaves. I Am Nowhere in Time just takes you away on a musical journey thru your senses. The Golden Stone sitting at the beach watching the bands play and sing. Temple Of The Dog chugging guitar thumping bass pounding drums and strange melodic vocals. Far close your eyes and take a psychedelic journey.

Warchest – Sentenced Since Conception
Christian Pelaez – Guitar/Vocals, Jose Tomas Garcia – Guitar, Chris Oros – Drums, Christofer Oros - Bass

Caras De Muerte eerie sounds envelop you then chainsaw guitars and pounding rhythms. Sentenced Since Conception fast heavy thrashing cutting grinding cutting pounding metal. The Haunted Chapel hit the pit and just slam against each other in aggressive mayhem. Spiritually Dead chugging guitars shredding rhythms growling vocals to just pound your brain. The Course of Death just hand on for the death metal ride of tour life hard fast and heavy. Voice Of Insanity sounds surround you then a blast of aggressive energy that just annihilates your senses. A Reign To Decay evil rises and just devours all living things. Self Executed Holocaust low rumbling bass pounding rhythms chainsaw guitars shredding leads and growling vocals. Post War Paranoia fast heavy punch you in the face thrash metal mayhem. Repulsive Existence over 8 minutes of thrashing shredding ripping tearing pounding death music.

Celophys – Fried Chordata
Alexander Beregovoy -  Drums/Vocals, Miroslav Kopiika - Guitar

Fucked Up spoken words then a blast in the face of anger and fury. Papaver eerie strange guitar tones that just envelop your senses slow overdriven muddy stoner rock music that just pulls you into a dark abyss. False Lizard And Yeti low overdriven instruments just pummel you into submission. Magicae Mammuthus over 11 minutes of slow droning heavy melancholic pulls you thru hell and back tones and emotions. Prehistoric Barn grinding pounding rumbling music that just slowly drags you into hell.

Marianas Rest – Ruins
Harri Sunila – Guitar, Nico Manttari – Guitar, Jaakko Mantymma – Vocals, Nico Heininen – Drums, Niko Lindman – Bass, Aapo Koivisto – Keyboards

Kairos spoken words the hard fast heavy melodic melancholic prog psychedelic death music. The Spiral soft guitars growling vocals sounds of a storm a majestic feeling song with death metal vocals. Hole In Nothing eerie space metal sounds that just envelop and pull you thru the recesses of your mind. The Defiant searing leads pierce thru tour very soul as the music drags you into a dark time and place. Unsinkable spoken words melancholic sounds and vocals pounding rhythms and chugging guitars just envelop you. Shadows hard slow heavy progressive music to make your mind wander into its dark places. Restitution melancholic tones flow around and grow in intensity of emotions. Omega gothic prog death tones and music.

Witchfinder – Hazy Rites
Tom – Drums, Clement – Bass/Vocals, Stan – Guitar

Ouija dark heavy melancholic doomy metal that just slithers along. Satan’s Haze low rumbling bass with a Sabbath feel that just pulls you into a dark place in your mind with some searing leads. Covendoom close your eyes and just imagine being lost alone in time and space with no hope in sight. Sexual Intercourse dark slow melancholic music that just envelops you as it drives your thoughts to very interesting places and strange. Wild Trippin low bass rumbles your very soul then a slow plodding rhythm and searing leads that are like being taken away on a very strange trip. Sorry just let your imagination run wild with strange fantasies. Dans L’Instant bass that just grabs your very soul then a melancholic rhythm and eerie vocals make for one weird mind trip.


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