Friday, June 28, 2019

Huge Release Month at Ripple! Lightning Born, Roadsaw and Corrected Link for New European WebStore!

Can't tell you how excited we are to finally unleash this monster of bluesy doom. A supergroup of Doom vetrans, Lighning Born is made of Mike Dean from Corrosion of Conformity on bass, as well as Brenna Leath (The Hell No), drummer Doza Hawes (Mega Colossus), and guitarist Erik Sugg (Demon Eye). And what a group they are! "Lightning Born" is the self-titled debut album and the eleven tracks here capture a quintessential sound and spirit that has defined the doom and heavy metal genre for over 40 years. Heavy, bluesy riffs with slow stoner-groove meet an impassioned clean vocal style to triumphant effect.  Very few limited Edition vinyl still availble in gold/white/black splatter, as well as the new "Euro Retail" limited edition white vinyl, worldwide black vinyl, test pressings and CD.  Digital over at our bandcamp.  Don't miss out on this one.  Album of the year nods already coming in.
I've been waiting for this day for a long time.  As a huge fan of the crunchy riff mania that is Roadsaw, I'd chomping at the bit to be able to work with them.  Now it's a reality. Back from a long hiatus, but not missing a single step in their energy, passion, and riffdom, Roadsaw is back.  And back are they!  Roadsaw couldn’t have made record any more fun if they tried. There’s so much glory within the confines of this album from the massive riffs to the anthems, to their classic sound that’s executed flawlessly as Roadsaw really flexes their muscles. And just look at that artwork!!  Limited vinyl, CD and digital available at the Ripple shop.
If you live in Europe and are a waverider, fan of the heavy, and need your Ripple releases, but don't want to pay high USA shipping charges, then run right over to our new European Webstore. At you can get the Ripple releases you need, shipped right to your door, packed and posted in Europe so NO high US postal charges.  Pop over there today and fill the holes in your collection!
And finally, never miss a Ripple release, get them all sent right into your bandcamp collection on the day of issue, as well as special bonus exclusive tracks and a 15% discount on all Ripple physical product by becoming a subscriber to the Ripple Music Bandcamp page.  For a mere $5 a month, you get every new Ripple release going forward, from the day you subscribe, select back catalog albums to start your collection, free bonus material and that killer discount.  Pop over and subscribe today at

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