Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Xroadie Files

Disconnected Genius -  Nirvikalpa Meow
Jamie O’Keefe – Vocals/Guitar/Piano, Yuri Pavlinov – Bass/Whispered Double Shots, Daniel Farrugia – Drums/Percussion

About Nothing searing leads folky/bluesy rhythms just relax and enjoy.  It’s a Curse I’m A Saint sitting around kicking back enjoying the band and having a brew. Vertruvian Men close your eyes and take a melodic musical trip. Just Stay Don’t Go has a very punkish rockabilly feel. We’re All Watching Everything soft guitars and flowing rhythms. Kings And Queens has a very 60s psychedelic feel that will have you drifting thru your imagination. One Fine Day very bluesy and jazzy feeling music. Quietly Into The Night get up bop and dance to a catchy tune. The Little Don flowing tones just envelop your senses. The Diamonds In The Poor soft piano and melodic vocals drifting in the air. Arkane Bliss floating acoustic guitars with soft rhythms and melodic vocals. Quietly into The Night (Censored Gunshot) different version. Quietly Into the Night (Censored version)

Sadness – Rain
Elisa – All Instruments

Lay melodic melancholic piano that just seeps into your very emotions. Pure Dream close your eyes and just drift along. Absolution guitar floats around you pulling you under with it and the emotional tones. River dark heavy bleak tones that drag you into hell. Rain drifting thru the dark abyss of time and space alone. Teal almost 17 minutes of dark emotional tones that pull you thru the deep recesses of your very being.

Dwarrowdelf – Of Dying Lights
Tom O’Dell – Everything, Chloe Bray – Vocals, Jack Reynolds – Vocals

Arien melancholic tones grab you and pull you along thru a very dark gothic emotion. The Withering Woods lost alone in the woods trying to find your way back home never knowing if you will. Where Daylight Dies just close your eyes and take a very dark emotional journey. The Year Of The Trees melodic tones pull you along as it sways in your senses. The Line Of Thror crunchy gothic guitars emotional music and dark vocals just seems to seep thru you with a majestic feel. Manis Anor take a trip thru the dark recesses of your very being. Home Of the Dead over nine minutes of a very strange melancholic mind trip.

Uhcteare – El Genocidio Primordial Llevara El Nombre Infinito De La Empatia
Huszar – Guitar/Bass/Vocals/ Drum and Synth Programming

Ultradedalismo El Asedio Perpetuo De Espejo pounding thrashing death metal that just shred your very senses. Manifestacion Espectral De Un Terror Anacronico dark heavy dreary music that pulls you into a blacj abyss of hate and despair. El Genocidio Primordial Llevara El Nombre Infinito De La Empatia rhythms that just seep into your brain and take it over pulling you into a black abyss.  Fugio Fugio Fugio (Ultradedalismo Parte III) ripping shredding tearing music with demonic vocals. El Hambre Del Soberano Patria De Los Terribles (Demo Remaster) slowly your very essence is drawn from you till you take your last breath.

Cities Of Mars – Horologist
Danne Palm – Bass/Vocals, Christoffer Noren – Guitar, Johan Kuchler – Drums

Necronograph slow plodding driving metal riffs that just grab ahold and pull you down the musical highway. Trenches Of Bah-belon stoner metal that just worms its way into your very senses and has you imagining all sort of things. Inner Sanctum Outer Space heavy melodies just flow thru your very senses and take you away just close your eyes and enjoy. Hydrahead crunchy riffs pounding beats thundering drums rise from the bowels of the earth and rough vocals. The Last Electric Dream imagine being lost in time and space in a black abyss all alone. The Floating Museum pounding in your head with gruff vocals and a slow steady beat. Work Song melodies just flow all around as the music grows heavier. Lines In The Dark eerie riffs that just pull you down a dark path.


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