The Xroadie Files

Oksendal – Stay For Dinner
Dagfinn Oksendal – Guitar/Vocals, Kjetil Grande– Guitar/Bass/Baglamaz/Philips Philicorda /Producer, Arne Kjelsrud Mathisen – Drums/Percussion, Ragnar Lillemark – Bass/Slide Guitar

Starstruck is a very rockabilly catchy rhythm with some great playing and sing just kick back and enjoy, The Sun excellent leads solid rhythms melodic vocals just a feel good song to sing along with. Like A Drum catchy guitars strumming folky vocals sitting around with friends just enjoying the day as the song grows. Turning just another feel good song to make the days go gracefully away. Be As You Are melodic guitars just flow all around with other instruments and folky vocals. The Ferry gathering with friends around a fire watching the musicians pour out their hearts. You Found Me strumming guitars soulful vocals close your eyes and drift along. Candid Eyes a very memorable guitar riff solid beat and heartfelt vocals. Stay For Dinner excellent melodic guitar and soulful vocals just enjoy.

Ancient Alter – Cosmic Purge
Barry Cavener -  Guitar/Vocals, Scott Carlson – Bass/Vocals, Jesse Boldt – Guitar, Etay Levy – Drums

Cosmic Purge over 11 minutes of slow doom and gloom to just pull you along relentlessly that builds with some searing leads near the end. Foie Gras almost 14 minutes of slow plodding eerie music with thundering beats and psychedelic vocals.

The Chocolate Watchband - This Is My Voice
Dave Aguilar – Vocals/Percussion, Tim Abbott – Guitars, Gary Andrijasevich – Drums, Alec Palao – Bass, Derek See – Guitar

Secret Rendezvous take a trip back to the psychedelic 60s and just jam along. Judgement Day close your eyes and just trip to some great melodies. This Is My Voice sitting in an old bar watching the band make some psychedelic music and just drifting along. Trouble Everyday a great bass line with added guitars harmonica and sing along vocals with some scorching leads. Take A Ride motorcycle sounds pounding drums 60 style vocals just relax and take a ride. Talk Talk is a very catchy tune that just sticks in your head for days. Bed just take a trip back in time when music was full of melodies and emotional feelings. Bombay Pipeline takes you away to another time and place back to the psychedelic ages. Desolation Row strumming guitars folky vocals that slowly builds till the end. Can’t Seem To Make You Mine psychedelic guitars melodic 60s style vocals and a very catchy rhythm. Till The Daylight Comes is a great sing along song with spoken words with a late 60s early 70s vibe.

Merv Pinny – Twisted Minds
Merv Pinny – Guitar/Vocals/Bass/BV Vocals/Drums, Rick Eastman – Drums/BV Vocals – Zoe Pinny, Bronte Smith - Little Child Voice

Here They Come strange sounds surround you with a rhythm that just flows thru you and with some psychedelic guitar just get ready for a weird trip with a sort of rockabilly flavor. I Feel Like A Prisoner has a great riff that just grabs you as you stand and sing along with some very emotional vocals. Little Demons will have you up and swaying and grooving to one catchy riff. OB Can You Hear the Children Cry has a very groovy 70s feel to the music with some interesting lyrics. Wipe Out just get up and rock out to one excellent song.

Crack Machine – The Call Of The Void
Bill Denton – Guitar, Clive Noyes –Keyboards, Chris Suton – Bass, BazejGradiziel – Drums

Jormungandr has a very catchy riff that just pulls you in and will have you up and grooving along. Illuyanka melodic guitars float along as the music ebbs and flows with great emotions. Kirimu low bass thumps solid drums beat psychedelic guitars meld in just close your eyes and drift along. Yamata No Orocchi strange melodies float in and thru you to take you on one interesting mind trip. Azi Dahakar has a very 70s psychedelic groove that will have your imagination going into overdrive just relax and enjoy the ride. Typhon just close your eyes and make this one imaginative musical journey. Vritra psychedelic space rock that will have your imagination flowing thru many emotions.