Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The Xroadie Files

Mephorash – Shem Ha Mephorash
MishbarBovmeph – Guitar/Bass, MashkelahM’ralla - Vocals, Tephra Brabeion - Drums, N. Tenger – Backing Vocals

King Of Kings Lord Of Lords sounds of a storm and eerie voices with church organ evil rises and pulls you into its path of dementia. Chant Of Golgotha melancholic sounds envelop you powerful vocals pull you in even if you try and get away dragging you into a dark black abyss. Epitome I Bottomless Infinite continues the descent into madness pulling your mind into different dark places. Sanguinem an over nine-minute musical journey into the madness of a deranged psychic mind. Epitome Ii The Amrita Of Vile Shapes lost in a void of time and place wandering around never understanding what is happening. Relics Of Elohim trying to open your eyes from the nightmare never being able to screaming but no one hears you.  777 Third Woe you awaken as from a dream in a dark sinister place that seems to pull at your very essence sucking it away. Shem Ha Mephorash over 15 minutes of sheer madness and dementia that will drive you insane.

These Beasts – ST
Chris Roo – Guitar/Vocals, Keith Anderson – Drums, Todd Fabian – Bass/Vocals

End Of The Whip hard grungy heavy riffs that just cut thru you and sing along strange vocals. Shovel And Pick dissonant guitars thumping bass pounding drums and shout like vocals. Shirilla In a Tub pounding in your brain just thundering along to madness. Fedor slow crunchy riff that just slice right thru you with thundering bass and pounding drums. Luke Warm At Best low bass that just scrambles your insides with chainsaw guitars and pounding drums. Impugn low bass coming from the underworld crushing guitars pounding rhythms and yelling vocals.

Black Anvil – Miles
Band Members - ????

Iron Sharpens Iron just grabs you and pull you into a black pit of slamming sweat and terror. Miles dissonant guitars with a catchy riff pounding rhythm and screeching singing vocals. Everlasting Saturnalia slow and demented music flows all around as it drives you insane. A Corpse Without Soul screaming leads pounding drums thundering bass just get up and fist pump and head bang.

Hedfuzy – Waves
Pat Byrne –Bass, Keith McCoy – Drums, Jamie Callaghan – Vocals, PJ O’Connell –Guitar

I Am Not Your Enemy has a riff that just grabs ahold and won’t let go stand up and fist pump along to some excellent prog metal mayhem with a few tempo changes. Black River just groove and sway along to one bluesy based prog rock song as you sing along with some amazing musicianship and vocals. The Boy Who Killed The Man would be a great song to jump in the car crank up and just jam down the road to. The Lost Star a great tune full of emotions and great melodies just close your eyes and enjoy the ride.    Brick fist pumping head banging riff great vocals and a solid as a rock rhythm with some amazing playing. The Promise over 10 minutes of one magical musical journey.  Shadows for The Disappeared is a straighter forward metal riff that will have the entire crowd up and fist pumping along. Waves melodies flow all around as you close your eyes and drift along. Hedfuzy Pt 2 is an awesome fist in the air head banging riff that will have you up head banging for the entire song just get ready to rock out.

Almost Honest – Seiches And Sirens
Shayne Reed – Vocals/Guitar, Seth Jackson – Bass/Vocals, Quinten Spangler – Drums

Fools Gold Flesh chugging guitars thundering bass pounding drums get up and fist pump along and take a musical psychedelic trip. Keystone is a solid as a rock rhythm thumping bass crunchy guitars and stoner rock vocals. Interstellar Executive great drumming thumping bass and a very catchy riff to just envelop you with some searing leads. Whale Bones hard heavy rocking out music to sing along with. Dancing Shaman And The Psychedelic Cactus rumbling bass catchy guitar riffs thundering drums one excellent stoner rock/metal anthem. Stonecutter a gong and the wind then just light one up kick back and relax flowing with the tune. Jenny Greenteeth disharmonic guitars pounding rhythms that just seep into your very senses and take you on one strange journey. Call Of The Mothman strange musical journey thru your very dark places of your mind. Wiwadvhv hard heavy sing along stoner rock/metal. Uproot crunchy guitars pounding beats thundering bass and strange vocals.


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