The Xroadie Files

Shumaun – One Day Closer To Yesterday
Farhad Hossain – Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards, Jose Mora – Bass, Tyler Kim – Guitar, TanvirTomal – Drums

Sensus Divinitatis emotional tones float thru the air and envelop you pulling you along with some powerful vocals. The Writings On The Wall is a very jazzy prog rock song with some amazing musicianship and singing just hang on for the ride. Fear Is emotional guitars just grab you and then close your eyes for a magical journey. Nafsi Ammarais a very catchy heavy riff that will have you up and grooving along as you also sing along.  City Of Gold very melodic and emotional. Central Station strumming guitars soulful vocals. Prove Yourself has a very catchy groove that will have the entire crowd up and swaying along. Go grab you air guitars and just jam along. Remember Me And I Will Remember You slow moody then it picks up with a crunchy riff and full of many emotions. One Day Closer To Yesterday close your eyes and just take a magical prog rock journey.

DarWin – Origin of Species
Darwin – Guitar/Songwriter, Simon Phillips – Drums/Percussion/Keyboards, Matt Bissonette – Vocals/Bass, Jeff Babko – Keyboards, Greg Howe – Guitar, Dennis Hamm – Keyboards, Ernst Tibbs – Bass, KatisseBuckingham – Flute/Soprano Sax, Samuel Slim/Peter Nickalls – Orchestra Arrangements, The Origin Of Species Quartet, The Reykjavik String Quartet, The Chamber Orchestra Of London

Disc 1 – For Humanity is a very slow groove jazz prog rock/metal song with some excellent musicianship and powerful vocals. The Last Chance soaring keyboards crunchy guitar riff pounding rhythms just stand up and get ready to rock out. Taking Chances sounds of an ocean and spoken words then melodic guitars flow all around and emotional vocals with some searing leads. Escape The Maze floating keyboards classical orchestra that slowly builds to a majestic ending. Gummy Bear great sing along chorus vocals a catchy riff that just grabs ahold of you then just kick back and sing along. Forever just sitting back and enjoying some tunes with friends.

Disc 2 – War Against My Mind hard heavy full of emotion stand up and shout it out with some amazing leads. Artificial spoken words then a crunchy riff pounding beat and interesting bluesy tempo change with great vocals. One Horizon tones flow all around and bring back many memories and emotions. Modern Humanity has a very danceable beat that just take you over and gets you up and grooving. Cosmic Rays guitars that just flow with classical instruments and female vocals that grab at your heart the song builds as it continues with some searing leads. Walk Away From Earth slow jazzy emotional music spoken words just get ready for a very magical journey. Life Is A Mystery get up groove and sway to the rhythm just enjoy. Slowly Melting prog keyboards flowing piano emotional guitars and soulful vocals. Rise guitars strumming slow rhythms classical sounds then about midway the song picks up then has some soaring leads. Just One More Day has a very bluesy riff with some powerful vocals and great musicianship just rock and sway to the rhythm. Prologue spoken words then a great prog rock song.

Gender Fluids –Incorrigible
John Cooter Meloncramp – Vocals, Ben Assflex – Guitar, Kurt Loader – Bass, Palm Cruise – Drums

Lined In Chalk hard heavy dissonant sounds that just grind you into a pulp. We Deserve Worse hard slow pounding in your head that just rips at your insides. The Cold Chambers dissonant crunchy overdriven guitars with pounding rhythms and demonic vocals. DIMOV grabs you and just slams you against a wall of hatred. Licking the Palms Clean pulls you into the black abyss of death destruction and agony.

Death Beast – The Onslaught
Eviscerator  Of  Idiotic Losers – Guitar/Bass, Axecutioner Of The Worthless – Guitar, Black Tormentor Of Scenester Wussies – Drums, NotoruisButcherusPoseurii – Vocals

Your Fucking Doomed hit the pit slam and sweat as the guitars shred and bass and drums pound. Devastator screams thrashing ripping shredding tearing aggression. The Onslaught fist pumping head banging bodies slamming thrash metal mayhem. Drink Till You Die hit the floor hit the lights and just shred away. Switch 666 screaming leads slow plodding rhythms that builds till the end. Battle Plan crunchy guitars screaming vocals pounding drum thundering bass just head bang away. Plague Beast dark heavy emotional metal music that just takes you over. Hell On Earth thrashing shredding ripping tearing slamming metal. The Blackest Night fist in the air head banging thrash metal. High N Dry (Saturday Night) very interesting cover of the Def Leppard classic.

Obsecration –Aeternam Inferni  / Putrefied Remains – Unborn Hate (Split)
Costas Undead – Vocals, Alex – Guitar, Jim -  Bass, Ungod - Drums

Aeternam Inferni Intro eerie sounds envelop you. In Search Of Wisdom And Carnal Pleasures dark heavy pounding demonic sounds that just grab at you. Beyond The Walls Of The Graveyard chainsaw guitars pounding drums thundering bass and deep growling vocals. At The Mansion Of Obscure Misery eerie sounds that pull you into the dark abyss and just rip and tear at your very soul. The Wolf Eating You Alive chugging thrashing ripping tearing at your very being. The Mourning Of Lost Live pounding in your brain driving you mad as it builds in intensity. Room From The Dark Season aggression terror and feat just swallow you entirely. Anthropophagia (I Was Hungry Again!!!!!) A.D. 2015 chugging grinding fist pumping driving aggression.

NekroShaman – Vocals, ThalexiMasthas – Guitar, Jie Mutilator – Bass, Lan Azimuth – Drums

My Diabolical Ancient Entity dark evil sounds that just pull you into the black abyss as they terrorize you. The Curse By Pagan’s Spells lost in the dark woods surrounded by evil and mayhem. The Darkling Thrush eerie sounds swallow you into a black darkness of hate and fear. Novus Ordo Seclorum thrashing ripping tearing devouring of your very essence. Bring Me The Light fast heavy pounding in your head as the blood drips and you run for your life. Ministry Of Darkness And Evil just pummels you into a bloody mess. Drowning In Blood darkness death and mayhem just envelop you. The Curse Of Sorceressevil rises and just envelops the earth in darkness and destruction.