Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Xroadie Files

Del Toros – Ten Stories High
Guido Bruin – Guitar/Piano/Rhodes, Sicco Roukema – Bass, Tony Gaarthuis – Drums/Cowbell/Tingsha Bells, Marco Toro – Percussion, Bertus Borgers – Saxophone, Peter TeBos – Vocals

Don’t Wipe jackhammers and industrial sounds with dissonant guitars just rocking out with thumping bass and pounding surf rock drum beats. Octowave surf rock meets punk meets Rob Zombie style music.    End Of The World spoken words rhythms that just swirl all around and take you on one weird musical trip. Halloween Theme a cover version of the Halloween them song slightly more industrial. 05-21-74 eerie and strange but rill with a rockabilly surf rock meets punk feeling. Gingercord takes you back to the surf rock rockabilly stylings of the 60s but updated for now. Socal Killings just hit the freeway and cruise the beaches of California. King Of the Rockettool eerie sounds and spoken words that builds into surf rock meets The Doors psychedelia music then back and forth. Loose Lips just get up bounce and dance away to the catchy music with a thundering bass and pounding drum beat. Theme For Great Cities just kick back and take one strange musical trip.

Thunder And Lightning -  The Ages Will Turn
Norman  Dittmar – Vocals, Marc Wustenhagen – Guitar, Benjamin Dammrich – Guitar, Robert Rath – Bass, Steve Mittage – Drums

Black Eyed Child has a heavy fist pounding riff that will have the entire crowd up and head banging along with some powerful vocals and searing leads. One Blood stand in unison fist in the air and just slam away to a riff that just sweeps you away and vocals great to sing along to.

100 Watt Vipers -  Holy Water
Paul Joseph – Guitar, DJ Riddick – Vocals/Drums

Aces High a solid fist pumping riff that just has you up movin and grooving with some scorching leads. Penny In The Well southern bluesy back woods swamp music. You Aint Gonna Take Me Down overdriven guitar riffs solid beats and backwoods southern vocals. The Bell Tolls Heavy slow moody and full of emotion just close your eyes and drift along. The Bell Tolls Heavy (Acoustic) just a slower mellower version. The Thunder Cries just stand up and get ready to rock out as the entire crowd sways along.  I Am The Traveler sitting around a fire drinking and watching the band play. Holy Water slide guitar just envelopes you slow and moody that takes you down a long winding road. My Old Bible has a very catchy get up and groove riff that will take you away. No Salvation In These Fields Today just sitting around drinking and playing music with the old folks. After The Storm Comes the Peace just southern backwoods swampy old time rock n roll. After The Storm Comes The Peace (Acoustic) just a mellower version. We Ride On hard heavy fist in the air solid riff music. Hard Summer Coming Down grab your guitar and just jam away with one emotional song. Aint Got No Golden Cup slid guitar that just works its way thru your very soul.

Gray Dog – The Deal (EP)/ Walls Ritual (EP)

EgorMitskevicth – Vocals/Percussion, Dmitry Markarian – Guitar/Percussion/Vocals,
The Bridge slow moody folky music that just drifts along. Why Did You Fuck Me Then Leave has a very catchy riff that will get you up and grooving as you sing. Voodoo takes you back to the swamps and some eerie feeling when all alone. The Prayer Of Hangover just kicking back with friends sitting around a fire and playin some good old music. The Deal just get envelope with the southern swamp music that will take you on a strange trip. 
Cradle slow moody emotional music. Pure River Swallows And Chokes When White People Come has a punk meets surf rock meets rockabilly meets swamp music. The Deal is slow chugging and driving thru your very senses. Voodoo faster heavy eerie music to just mind trip to.

Joyless – Unlimited Hate/ Wisdom And Arrogance

Olav Berland – Guitar/Bass/Drums/Vocals, Nylon – Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals/Harmonica, Ida Hellebo – Vocals
Inherent Emptiness evil laughing and a punch in the face driving death metal destruction. Your Crystal Fragments eerie sound surround and pull you under. BlaMelankoli grabs you and slams you into small pieces. Don’t Need Religion has a very moody bass that just drives you into submission. OvermotetsPris just shreds and pummels you. Jomfrulysets Fall eerie melancholic sounds that just pull you into a black abyss. Dimension Of The Blackened Dark rising from the darkness is a evil that just surrounds and destroys. Fulfillment and Entity’s Embrace strange chords and vocals to make a weird trip. Swansmile has more of a country feel mixed with some interesting sounds. Room Of Velvet Splendour Pt 2 more country flavored swamp music.
Divine eerie sounds surround you as they swallow you with many emotions. Close to God close your eyes and just drift along. Stand grab your guitar and play as well as sing along to some emotional music. Isn’t It Nice just get up and dance along to a catchy rhythm. The Nails spoken words. Transpire has a rockabilly style of feel that just cruises along. Why Should I Cry? Takes you back to the psychedelic 60s. Trust Endorse emotional acoustic guitar just jam along to it. Room Of Velvet Splendour has more of a punk rock feel that just rolls along. Ingenting chugging steady riffs and strange background vocals. Vinternatt has more of a 60s surf rock feel. Stalingrad emotional singing and playing. 


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