Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Xroadie Files

Firewolfe – We Rule The Night
David Fefolt – Vocals, Nick Layton – Guitar/Keyboards, Bobby Ferkovich – Bass, Jay Schellen – Drums

We Rule The Night wolves howling a grooving metal riff powerful vocals and great solid rhythms. The Devil’s Music eerie melodic guitars emotional vocals and solid beats just close your eyes and drift along. Late Last Night pounding drums thunder bass chugging guitars screaming leads and powerful vocals. A Senator’s Gun close your eyes and just float along with some emotional guitars and vocals. Long Road Home awesome leads that just pierce thru you a fist pumping rhythm and great powerful sing along vocals. Who’s Gonna Love You? Screaming lead guitar that makes you wanna get the air guitar out and play along then a slow grooving rhythm has an old school Whitesnake feel.  Ready to Roll is an up tempo fist pumping head banging metal anthem. Betrayal’s Kiss eerie and moody with a mid-eastern feel just drift along. Luck Of The Draw guitars and keyboards that just reach into your very soul and get ready to head bang and sing along. Dream Child great guitars excellent drums thundering bass and soaring powerful vocals.

Revolution Highway – ST
David Fefolt – Vocals, Stavros Papadopoulos – Guitar, John Christopoulos – Bass, Chris Lagios – Drums

Renegade screaming guitars to just pierce thru you powerful bluesy vocals with a Led Zeppelin feel.YoundAnd Wild fist in the air head banging hair flyin metal magic. Into The Darkness grab your air guitar and rock out pounding drums thundering bass screaming guitars and powerful vocals to just make your day. The Streets Of Hollywood hit the groove in this song and just get enveloped till the last note. Rollin’ Train has a bluesy feel that just hits the groove and keeps going. Sister Of the Devil a slow grinding groove with tone of emotional playing. I Need Your Love take a trip back to the great days when blues based rock metal was king. All The Way Down get out the air guitar and just jam along as you sway to the riff and groove along. Know Mercy Know Love a very catchy drum beat thumping bass crunchy guitar and soulful vocals to just groove to. Lose You Again blues based metal that just pierces the very soul. Revolution Highway emotional melodic guitar very powerful soulful vocals that just builds in intensity till the end with some amazing musicianship.

Metal Church – Damned If You Do
Mike Howe – Vocals, Kurdt Vanderhoof – Guitar, Rick Van Zant – Guitar, Stet Howland – Drums, Steve Unger – Bass

Damned If You Do interesting vocal intro then a fist pumping metal riff kicks in with pounding drums and thunder bass just bang your head. The Black Things melodic melancholic guitars hit the pit and slam away metal chugging guitars and screaming leads interesting and catchy as well. By The Numbers get your fist in the air just pump and head bang as the riff grabs ahold and won’t let go. Revolution Underway emotional guitars a riff that just sticks in your head for days and great vocals with some amazing musicianship. Guillotine hard heavy grind you into the ground riffs and rhythms with emotional vocals and chugging guitars. Rot Away hop in your car or on your bike and just crack the tunes as you speed on down the road. Into The Fold close your eyes and just drift with the guitars till the heavy rhythm kicks in and just makes you get up and slam away. Monkey Finger get your fist in the air pumping away and bouncing to the catchy metal rhythm as you sing along. Out Of Balance fast heavy in your face metal magic. The War Electric pounding drums thundering bass chugging guitars screaming leads and powerful soaring vocals.

DiAmorte – The Red Opera
Drake Mefestta – Vocals/All Instruments, Mike LePond – Bass, Alina Gavrilenko – Vocals, Michael Romeo – Guitar, Markus Johansson – Guitar, Armenia Sarkissan – Vocals, GiampaulAndrianopoulos– Vocals

Welcome To The Shadelands classical overtones that just float around. Scarlet Mercy melancholic music with spoken words and operatic vocals before a chugging crunchy riff kicks in and some interesting tempo changes. Everlasting Night emotions drift up from the black abyss and just devour you. Ashes And Sorrow soft female vocals and piano with a lilting feeling slowly building into a death metal frenzy. Lovesong Of The Damned close your eyes and just drift along into a more gothic death metal musical. Interlude: Fayte’s Aria soft classical playing and operatic vocals. Theme Of The Betrayer melancholic feelings flow thru you as they build to a crescendo. Savior Nevermore I: The Confrontation emotions flow all around you as they lift you up before grabbing you and pulling you into the black abyss. Savior Nevermore II: The Devouring Shadow many highs and lows that will take you on a musical journey. Vae Victis over 13 minutes of classical operatic gothic death power one epic trip.

Misty Grey – Chapter II
Robin -  Bass, Javi – Drums, Juan Guitar, Beau – Vocals

Spellbound has a very slow moody feel that just pulls you along before a heavy riff and soulful vocals kicks in. Strangers On A Train blues based stoner rock to just groove along to. Psycho take a trip back to the early 70s when Sabbath was king of the metal scene just close your eyes and drift along. Rebecca get up and just sway and groove as you sing along and trip to the music. Frenzy evil death and destruction pulls its self from the underground and devours the earth. The Wrong Man slow plodding eerie music with soulful vocals and great musicianship. Among The Dead close your eyes and just take a demented musical journey.


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