Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Xroadie Files

Through The Canopy -  Descension
Kristian Drivenes – Guitar/Vocals, Eirik Mathias Husum – Bass/Vocals, TorgeirSolvberg Nilsen – Drums/Vocals

Seven Days slow moody melancholic melodies that just grow as the music develops. Illusions Lost psychedelic music that just surrounds and draws you in.

Bang Bang Firecracker – Welcome to the Slaughterhouse
Kieron Berry – Guitar/ Vocals, Marcus Wrench – Bass, Charlie Cooper – Drums, Russ Gwynne – Drums, Shaun Lowe – Piano

Welcome To The Slaughterhouse melodic piano flows along then a fist in the air riff kicks in with some pounding rhythms and powerful vocals add screaming leads and just rock out. The Non-Believers get up fist pump and grove and sway to the riffs that just take you over. All Thriller No Filler has a surf rock style of feel just float along till the music grabs you and you head bang and sing along while playing air guitar. Devil Dolls heavy strong pounding rhythms scorching guitars and a very catchy riff with some powerful vocals. Immortalized fist in the air head banging slamming riffs thundering rhythms and scorching leads with powerful vocals. Witch Proof hit the floor and just slam and bounce around to the music and you enjoy the emotions. Tasting Hatred fist in the air hair flying head banging music that will take you back to the glory days of heavy metal. Hellbent for Pleasure the entire crowd will be up and head banging as they hit the pit and slam against each other. Outro a great sing along outro.

Slow – IV Mythologiae
Deha – Guitar/Drums/Vocals, Lore B – Bass

The Standing Giant majestic choral style vocals and music that just swallows you whole.  The Suffering Rebel melancholic feeling and dire emotions just pull you under. The Dying God eerie sounds just envelop and pull you into a black abyss of nothingness. Sorrow’s Shadow evil rises and just devours your soul. The Break of Dawn close your eyes and drift away into darkness.

Silver Talon – Becoming A Demon
Colin Vranizan – Drums, Wyatt Howell – Vocals, Bryce Adams Vanhoosen – Guitar, Sebastian Silva – Guitar, Noah Hadnutt – Bass

Breath Of Kerosene eerie gothic sounds surround you and have you seeing may images in your mind. Devil Machine fist in the air head banging riffs pounding beats searing leads and soaring vocals. Silver Talon the entire crowd stands in unison and just moves and sways ad s they head bang along to this majestic song. Speed Of Light scorching leads that just pierce thru you as you just rock out. Cold Embrace classical sounds majestic and powerful just envelope you. Warriors End just close your eyes and drift on a magical musical journey. Battle Angels an excellent version of the Sanctuary song. Outro classical sounds to take you away.

Tytus – Rain After Drought
IlijaRiffmeister – Vocals/Guitar, Mark Simonhell – Guitar, Markey Moon – Bass, Frank Bardy – Drums

Disobey melodic guitars slowly rise with a majestic feel then kicks into a speed power metal frenzy. The Invisible fist in the air head banging hit the pit metal madness. The Storm That Kill Us All grab you air guitars and just jam along to some excellent catchy riffs that will have you fist pounding and singing along. Our Time Is Now fist in the air sing along metal with excellent musicianship. The Dark Wave pounding drums thundering bass chugging guitars screaming leads and powerful vocals. Death Throes the entire crowd will stand and totally get involved in this metal riffage song. Rain After Drought Pt1 searing leads and a riff that is great to just crank up and cruise on down the road to. Rain After Drought Pt2 melodic tones just close your eyes and drift away with the emotional playing. Move On Over fist in the air head banging foot stomping metal magic. A Desolate Shell Of A Man slowly stand and raise your fist as you fist pump and sing along.


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