Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The Xroadie Files

Serpent Lord – Toward the Damned
MariosArikas – Vocals, GiorgosTerzitanos – Guitar, Konstantinos Sotirelis – Bass, AchilleasChrisohoidis – Guitar, VaggelisKarafotis – Drums

The Lesser Key fist in the air head banging speed thrash power metal with loads of great musicianship and vocals. Ambassador Of The New Age hit the pit and slam away to some aggressive but still melodic metal mayhem. Nephilim has a slower grinding pace that just worms its way thru you with soaring vocals. Sacrilegium crunchy guitars thundering bass pounding drums searing leads and powerful vocals. EvvuioOitoveImanthe crowd stands in unison and fist held high just sways to the rhythm. Sodom And Gomorrah melodic melancholic acoustic guitar pounding slow rhythms and crunchy riffs and the music moves back and forth. Serpent The Lord fist pumping head banging hair flying metal magic with powerful vocals. Blood Offering get out the air guitars and just jam along to a very catchy riff that will have you rocking out. God Of Shadows a very interesting bass drum vocal combo then slower acoustic emotional and different. Seed Of Divine majestic metal with loads of great musicianship.

Graves – Liturgia Da Blasfemia
Necro – Drums, MVK – Guitar, N – Vocals

Do DemuirgeUltraje De Viver eerie sounds demonic vocals thrashing death metal riffs and beats. I Am Fire I Am Death sounds that just envelope you and drag you into the black abyss. SangrandoEmGolgota Pt 1 the earth opens up and hordes of demons just devour it. SangrandoEmGolgota Pt2 continues the onslaught of death and mayhem. Impregnado P La Foicejust aggression that rips and tears at you. Do TeuVentreAMaldadeSaiu sounds that just pierce your very essence as they shred you into pieces.Minha Alma ImoleiEmGolgota evil and depression rises up and just envelopes you. Graves Hold Your Name feedback distortion aggression and hate. Via Dolorosa Ate Golgotaevil and despair just drag you under.

DOWRR – Spiritual Malady
Cameron Bates – Vocals, Josh Miller – Guitar, Tom Ogden – Guitar, Rick Johnson – Bass, Matt Hall - Drums

Spiritual Malady dark heavy dreary melancholic riffs that just cut thru you and rhythms that just pound you slowly into the earth and growling vocals. Living Hell, a stomping rhythm that just takes you over and devours your very soul. Hopeless chugging riffs pounding drums thundering bass and deep growling vocals to just run you over. Born Alone fist in the air the crowd goes wild with head banging death metal mayhem.

Lola Black – Nothings Gonna Be Alright 
Lola Black – Vocals, Taylor Steele – Guitar, Paige Omeara – Guitar, Crispy – Bass, Stelly Dean – Drums

Nothing’s Gonna Be Alright has an industrial beat with emotional vocals that just pierce thru you. How To Say Goodbye kick back close your eyes and just take an emotional heavy musical journey thru space and time. All Ina rhythm that just rumbles thru you get up and sway to the rhythm as you sing along. Reason To Believe the music swirls all around as it envelopes you with many emotions. One Of A Kind has a prog metal fee with some excellent musicianship and soaring vocals. Hot Enough soaring melodies catchy riffs and great vocals. Brand New Hole slow melancholic feels just float along and build in intensity. I’d Rather Die is a catchy song that just sticks in your heads for days. Never Gonna Let You Go is a heavier riff that will have you up and fist pumping to the music. Star Boy just kick back and drift along.

Red Stone Souls – Mother Sky
Ian Kirwan – Vocals/Guitar, Kevin Bernard – Bass, Travis Erikson – Drums, Beau Felix – Guitar/Vocals

Nights Watchful Eye just get up groove and sway to one catchy riff as you sing along and just enjoy the music. Void Walker kickin’ back by a huge bonfire in the woods just jamming out to the band and some great doom metal. Truckers has a very catchy riff that just takes you over hop in your car and cruise on down the road as you jam away. Before The Devil Knows Your Dead guitars just rumble up from all around as they envelope your very essence with some searing leads and emotional vocals. Killing Fields is a stand up and groove as you fist pump to the music Sabbath Black Label Society style doom metal song. 27 Moons hop on the bike twist that throttle and just speed on down the road wind in your hair. Murder Thrills take a trip back to the late 70s and some Sabbath style psychedelic stoner rock to just trip away to.


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