Saturday, January 12, 2019

Bandcamp Bonanza – 088

Happy New Year everybody! I hope you had a great time with your friends and family or with yourself and your dogs or cats. At a minimum, I hope you were able to tune in to as much new music as myself over the break and stay tuned for an eclectic 2019 as I have more recommendations that don’t see an end in sight. Some new, some old, all killer, no filler. Take a listen below and let us know what we missed.

Withered Fist – Withered Fist
Holy mountain of celestial doom! Withered Fist have set the bar high for 2019 with an extremely melodic mix of crippling low end, annihilating fuzz, and tranquil groove. Favorite track: This Is My Mountain.

The Bonnevilles – Folk Art and the Death of Electric Jesus
Right around the new year I got an update that The Bonnevilles had one of their earlier albums up for sale on vinyl and I had been a casual fan but hadn’t really dove heard first into their discography yet. Well that is about to change as any day now 3 of their records on vinyl will be mine this one perhaps being the best one, but man, what a kick ass heavy blues band.
This is a toe-tappin’, barn burning’, high fivin’ sumbitch of an album. Holy smokes. Glad I got in on a vinyl! RIP Jesus!

Gryflet – Time Left to Kill
I had purchased the digital of this bad boy back in 2017 and bandcamp recommended this one from the label to me on the bandcamp feed, which I get many good suggestions from persusing at least once per day. This time it was the limited cassette that drew me in. I don’t really have the desire to listen to these cassettes but the collectability is novelty and fun and plus you’re supporting the scene. Plus, that cover artwork is pretty cool. I’d take that on a poster to freak my wife out with.

Firewater – International Orange
I have never done this but I am recommending this one blind. I have not even listened to it. However, I do have it and a couple of their other albums in route delivery to my house on vinyl after I took advantage of the Bloodshot Records Holiday Hangover Sale, which is still active until the end of January. I ended up dropping coin for probably my biggest vinyl haul of all time. I won’t even mention how much I spend or how many records are coming, but I’ll tell you this much, I am super excited and this band along with about half the others, I have not even listened to yet. Total blind buys after just some minor previews. Tell me if I made a mistake?

Mount Saturn – Kiss the Ring EP
Kiss the Ring is a paralyzing set of celestial doom cresting the limits of atmospheric groove and harmonic aggression. Woah! Favorite track: Kiss the Ring.

Black Hat Society – Doom Country
This one sounds kind of what you’d expect with an album called Doom Country. Its rather dark in nature with a nice twangy bluegrass sort of vibe with the tones and style that will attract those into heavier music, as well as those who just straight up dig the outlaw sort of country western style music. Kind of reminds me of a band I shared a couple of features ago, Henry Derek Ellis. Some great Los Angeles Doom Country I guess you could say.

Whitecrow – Dawning
What we have here is the Mexican Sabbath of the desert. It’s a little spacey, a bit bluesy and a whole lotta riffy. Mexico is making stoner rock great again!!

Dwight James and the Royals – Need Your Loving
Need Your Loving needs YOUR loving pronto. What a brilliant output. Holy cow this just blew me off my rocker. The smooth and soulful grooves melt away at your heart while the psych-ridden jams and delicate croons sweep away with bluesy swagger.

Stone Witch – Desert Oracle
I still need some more time to let this one soak in, but based on their EP from a couple years ago, and my first stream I must say that Stone Witch has released a super dark and creepy stoner doom album. I caught these guys live last year while in was in Arizona on a work trip playing with Phoenix Locals Wolves of Winter and touring band Year of the Cobra. They put on a smoke-filled set of fuzz and this new album is a welcome release for 2019. Bring on the riffs!!!

Orango – Evergreens
Last but not least we have the brand-new album by Orango called Evergreens. This trio is off the charts talented and they are way too under talked about, especially here in the USA. Let’s give them some love.
'Evergreens' emits an incredibly organic aroma with their signature harmony and impeccable songwriting. Their deep 70's roots germinate a forest of refreshing hooks and everlasting rhythm while the chorus runs whistle like a crisp current of alpine air.Favorite track: Loco.

-The Huntsman

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