Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Sektarism – Fils De Dieu
Cruxvheryn K, Eklezjas Tik Berzek, Messiatanik Armrek, Shamaanik B, Kristik AK, Vagnus Nox

Orderint Dum Metuamt slow tribal beats chants and strange sounds worm their way into your brain as it slowly grinds away and builds in intensity for over ten minutes. Sacrifice evil surrounds you as it slowly works its way up from the underworlds over 33 minutes of strange eerie music to fit any nightmare. 

Jean Luc Guionnet & Miguel A Garcia – Siticidelhous
Jean Luc Guionnet – Saxophone/Organ. Miguel A Garcia – Electronics

Siticidelhous strange sounds and weird vibes just envelope you making for one strange trip.      Lomburthstific another electronic mind trip thru space and time.

Matthijs Kouw – Obscurum Per Obscurius
Matthijs Kouw – All Instruments

Untitled songs 1-9 – starts off like drifting thru a black hole in space all alone then taking a trip thru your very mind and senses and seeing various things from the past present and future just close your eyes and drift along for the entire experience.

Jos Smolders – Spaces
Jos Smolders – All Instruments

A=f-l=o=a=t 3, 4, 5, 6,7 is a collections of sounds in a museum with added electronic sounds that just have you drifting along take the trip in separate sections. Ode A Loublie more sounds of people talking walking and just enjoying their day in the museum. Dans La Nuit Des Images strange electronic sounds that just make you float away into nothingness. Traum Des Kuenstlers sights and sounds in your mind that just seem weird.  (Traum Des Kuenstlers Rework 7,3,4,8) continues the weird mind trip just try to make it thru. Torqued Ellipses drags you into a black abyss in your mind.

Orphax- Saxophone Studies
Sietse Van Erve – All Instruments

JF over 17 minutes of strange sounds that just are one mind f**k. JvE being pulled into a black abyss all alone and just drifting thru time for over 19 minutes.


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