Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Lifelost – Dialogues From Beyond
Phlegeton – All Instruments/Vocals

Malign Emanatio like getting blasted in the face with a sandstorm ripping off your skin. Sepulchral Vault pounding and thrashing of your very soul. Released From Life building slowly as it grabs you and drags you into the pit of hell. Metanoia being pulled apart by hordes of demons. Incorporeal Gate the pit of hell opens up and hate and fear wait all.

The Clay People – Demon Hero And Other Extraordinary Phantasmagoric Anomalies & Fables
Daniel Neet – Vocals, Brian McGarvy – Guitar, Dan Dinsmore – Guitar, Vegas Nacy – Sounds/Rhythms/Vocals, Eric Braymer – Bass

Utopian Lie industrial beats with strange sounds and riffing guitars and pounding rhythms with rough vocals. Bloodletter havey down and dirty riffs that just make you get up and fist pump or bounce along. Now is a charging riff that will make you just ram it down the highway. Own Worst Enemy just get up and move to the music and sweat. GenRX grinding guitar industrial sounds a pounding beat and catchy rhythm. Illuminatus is slow and moody as it drifts then it picks up so hit the pit. along. Hex Machine a heavy cutting rhythm with loads of eerie darkness. Strange Day guitars strumming along with a catchy beat and some melodies with an interesting vocal. Palegod slow and heavy as it grinds its way thru you then it turns into a mid-tempo heavy song. Colossus fast and heavy ripping and shredding. Firestarter eerie techno industrial sounds with a cutting guitar riff and pounding rhythm.

Shallow Graves – Threshold Between Worlds
Brent Bidlake – Bass, James Bakker – Drums, Tim Leth – Guitar/Vocals, Michael Rothwell – Guitar/Vocals

The Horrendo Abyss slow droning pounding dark heavy metallic music. Garden Of Blood just runs you over with a ferocious force. Master of Cruel demented sounds envelope and swallow you entirely. Threshold Between Worlds the earth opens up and slowly a black darkness crawls out.

Temtris – Rapture
Genevieve Rodda – Vocals, Anthony Fox – Guitar, Nik Wilks – Bass, Youhan A.D. – Drums, Anthony Hoffman – Guitar

Rapture grabs you with a classic metal sound of chorus vocals pounding drums and screaming guitars. Flames of Defiance then a fist in the air bang you head riff with some excellent drums and bass rhythms with spoken words then a very powerful female vocal comes in just grabbing your very soul. Wings Of Death sounds slowly grow louder, then a crunchy guitar riff takes of foot stomping fist pounding heavy metal. Run is a fast heavy just rock out and bang you head till it hurts song. Serpent melodic melancholy guitars flow all around then it gets heavier and just has you fist in the air as you sing along and jam away with some tempo changes back and forth. Parasite jump in your car or on your bike and just speed on down the road jamming to the tunes. Breathe low bass rumbles thru you the searing guitars and a fast heavy rhythm that just rocks your soul. Carry You emotion rhythms and guitars flow all around you surrounding you just close your eyes and drift along to the excellent musicianship. Fight is a speed metal fist pumping riffage that just takes you with it. Rise Of Dawn get up and just head bang and sing along to one very catchy song with a great riff.

The Necromancers – Of Blood And Wine
Tom – Vocals/Guitar, Rob – Guitar, Simon – Bass, Ben – Drums

Join The Dead Ones slow eerie guitars flow in the air then a catchy but strange psychedelic style moves in. Erzebeth slow and steady p thumping bass pounding drums and a riff that just grabs you. Of Blood And Wine moody melancholic guitars drift along close your eyes and just drift with it. Secular Lord is a foot stomping fist in the air metal riff that just rocks out. Lust is psychedelia music that just is a strange mind trip. The Gathering eerie guitars crawl over the airwaves then a plodding sound of dementia.


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