Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Announcing PostWax - A Curated Heavy Music Vinyl Subscription Series!

PostWax is a groundbreaking year-long series of exclusive limited edition records from some of the best stoner/doom/heavy/psych bands on the planet.  Heavily curated by the creative minds behind MeteorCity and Lowrider, the PostWax series is 7 killer records sent straight to your door all year long, including new music from ELDER, SPOTLIGHTS, DOMKRAFT (with a guest appearance by MARK LANEGAN), LOWRIDER and more, all on gorgeous vinyl with jaw-dropping artwork and next-level design.

Shipping begins with the Elder release in Feb/March, and the only way to get this exclusive series is to subscribe.  Check out the Kickstarter (kck.st/2qIO75u) before Dec. 9th for the best price and exclusive backer bonuses, or www.bluesfuneral.com for 3-month and 6-month payment plan options.  It'll be a hell of a ride in 2019!

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