Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Elegiac – Pagan Storm
Zane Young – Drums/Guitar/Bass/Vocals

Rituals Of War dark evil tones and textures that just swallow you whole. Allegiance And Honor being drug down the road chained to a bumper of a speeding car.  Somber Morning the pit opens up and black masses crawl out of it toward you. Through Ancient Eyes dissonant chords pierce thru you as they rip and tear. Purity Of Winter hordes of demons pounding your flesh slowly. Golden Fires of Victory crack appear in the earth as the black masses of hell rise up and swallow the earth. Pagan Storm pounding riffs and crunchy rhythms slice and dice. Ancient Spirit has a marching beat that just makes you stand up and join in.

Anguish Force – Chapter 7
Tumbler – Bass, Luck AZ – Guitar, LGD – Guitar, Pemmel – Drums, Kinnall – Vocals

Chapter 7 screaming guitars pierce the skies with a fast heavy riffs that just shreds and searing leads.   Karma’s Revenge fist pumping fast heavy Motorhead style heavy rock with excellent sing along vocals. Don’t Lose The War fist pumping head banging riffs that will have the entire crowd rocking out. The Other 11 September shredding thrash speed metal with lots of great musicianship and emotions. Planned Earthquake stand up and get ready to rock as you place your fist in the air and sway along to the riff that then kicks into overdrive. Under The Streets low rumbling bass, a steady drum beat that just takes you over then a crunchy guitar riff that has you head banging as you sing along and jam to the searing leads. Waiting For The Call hop in your car or on your bike crank the tunes and just jam away down the highway. The Punishment air raid sirens and sounds of war guitars slowly come in then a thundering Iron maiden style riff that has you charging down the hill. The Book Of The Devil fist pumping head banging speed thrash metal that takes you back to the days when thrash was king. So It Was melancholic classical music sounds then a powerful majestic rhythm comes in with soaring leads and great sing along memorable vocals that just pierce your heart. Thunder In The Tundra is an excellent cover of the Thor classic fist in the air head banging metal with a riff that just sticks in your head.

Lizzies – On Thin Ice
Motorcycle Marina - Bass, Patricia Strutter – Guitar, Elena Zodiac – Vocals, Dani Vera – Drums

Like An Animal low bass screaming guitars with reverb pounding drums and a catchy vocals. No Law City has a beat that grabs you kinda like the GoGos but heavier. I’m Paranoid get the fist in the air and just rock out to one excellent song. Playing With Death sounds rising with a head banging fist pumping riff that just takes you away and some sing along vocals. Real Fighter grab the air guitars and play some screaming leads add to that some thundering bass and drums and some great vocals. Talk Shit And Get Hit is a great get in the car crank up the tune and just jam speeding down the highway song. Final Sentence will have the entire crowd up and swaying to the music slow and steady. Rosa Maria is a fast paced rock n roll gem. World Eyes On Me great emotional guitars fill the air powerful vocals and a very catchy rhythm. Love Is Hard has a very ACDC style of riff that just grabs ahold and won’t let go as you move and groove to the rhythm and sing along. The Crown has a 70s style hard rock rhythm with lots of great musicianship.

Onkel Tom – Bier Ernst
Tom Angelripper – Vocals, Celli – Guitar, Klaus Nicodem – Guitar, Marc Beste – Bass, Corny – Drums

CD1 – Ich Steh An Der Bar Und Ich Habe Kein Geld starts out melodic then a punk meets rock flavor with lyrics to sing along with. Flasche Zu Flasche has more of a metal feel a solid steady riff that just grabs ahold of you with some polka influence. Wir Trinken Wenig would be a great road trip song just jam out and drive. Bier Bier Bier Ist Die Seele Vom Klavier has a riff that just makes you wanna get up and slam about in the pit. Durst Ist Schlimmer Als Heimweh rough vocals heavy riffs and pounding drums with thundering bass fast and heavy. Hatter Wir Lieber Das Geld Vergraben starts with more of a ska feel and just grab a beer and sing along. Was Sind Wir Manner Doch Fur’n Lustiger Verein fast heavy slamming and sweating in the pit mixed with some interesting sounds. Jacky Cola has a catchy guitar riff and some excellent leads with a very catchy beat. Durst Wird Duch Bier Erst Schon punk rock influences with rough vocals. Trunkenbold heavy fist in the air sing along metal. Bier Bier Bier go in the bar grab a beer and just watch the band play along. Prost is more melodic guitar with a sing along chorus.

CD2 – Ich Finde Nur Metal Geil is a fist pumping head banging riff that just shreds. Todgeweiht is more of a straight forward hard rock metal song with pounding rhythms and scorching leads. Ich Muss Hier Raus rough vocals and a metal punk sound that just has the crowd up and moving. Egal fast heavy rock on the down the road and head bang. Von Arschlochern Fur Arshlocher is more of a steady beat that just works its way into you and has some scorching leads near the end. Zwischen Emscher & Lippe melodic and slow with lots of feeling. Auf Dennum Eis is a fist pumping foot stomping head banging metal riffage song. Das Blaus Buch Des Lebens some great guitar and pounding drums thundering bass with rough vocals. Polizisten slow and steady with a low rumbling bass.

Sundrifter – Visitations
Craig Peura – Guitar/Vocals, Patrick Queenan – Drums/Percussion, Paul Gaughran – Bass

Sons Of Belial thundering lumbering bass pounding drums chugging guitars with psychedelic vocals. Death March low overdriven guitars and bass with solid drums just grab ahold for the trip. Lightworker get up and just move to the catchy riff and rhythm rock out. Targeted slow bass rumbles thru your very essence with some searing leads get ready for a psychedelic hard rock adventure. Till You Come Down psychedelic stoner rock to just trip away to. Hammerburn is a get up and fist pump move and groove rhythm that just takes you over. Sky People Son close your eyes and just let the tripping riffs and music take you away. Fire In The Sky a slow steady beat with overdriven guitar that just crawls on down the road. I Want To Leave melodic guitar tones fill the air leading to a mystical journey.


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