Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Xroadie Files

S.K.o.R.- Rubus Tellus
Emil Gammeltoft – Vocals, Lorenzo Fugazza – Guitar, Anders Thorgren – Bass, Mally Hoxell – Drums

Rebus Tellus guitar feedback. Bubbleman a very catchy chorus and riff that just has you up and grooving along has a Sweet feel.  Rhythm N Blues a great riff kicks in slow and steady screaming vocals takes you back to the old days of ACDC. Kamikaze takes you back to the amazing music of the hard rock 70s just get up and jam away. Hell To Pay starts slow and moody gather around the band sing along to a very catchy chorus and great melody. Mystify searing leads pounding rhythms and excellent sing along vocals. Seagull fist in the air or just clap along to a riff that takes you over and vocals that just make you wanna sing along. Cuckold & the Hotwife a blues based hard rock riff that will have you on your feet from the first note just get ready to rock out. Blue Collar Girl has a very poppy catchy riff and beat that will have the crowd bouncing and dancing. Sparkling Shining Star grab the air guitars and get ready to jam away as you sing along. Karate Girl is a pop flavored song with hard rock and punk influences. Hippo is a strange punk flavored song but excellent as well. Mama’s Place get up dance and groove as you sing along. Armageddon catchy poppy hard rock punk influenced music.

Olten – Ambiance
Christophe Macquat – Guitar/Synth, Marc Theurillat – Drums, Sebastien Bandelier – Bass

Igelkott synths and guitars with a slow beat builds and it grows in intensity. Raus heavy noise and riffs that just cut thru you as it leads into darkness. Klark strange space rock sounds and a marching beat with lots of distortion and eerie feelings. Lied sythns a guitar tones flow all around you as you drift away into the black abyss. Gover low bass rumbles thru you with some very eerie riffs and tones that just make you wonder where you are. Sludge dissonant guitar slow and evil envelopes you as it drags you to hell. Popoutro eerie sounds building all around you growing louder. Pope the entire world opens up and hordes of demons slowly rise from inside it.

Iron Altar – Pillars of Blood
Andrew Callis – Vocals, Daniel Drever – Guitar, Neil Mathers – Guitar, Jamie Scougall – Bass, Lindsay Alan Conway - Drums

Deincarnation eerie sounds swell around you then a steady heavy beat that just seems to grab ahold of your heat and make it join in before it kicks into overdrive and just slams you against a wall. Amaranthine get in the pit and get ready to sweat and slam along to the rhythm. Burning Fields is a fist pumping head banging riff that will leave you exhausted. Sanguine Petrichor get you fist in the air and just let the music swallow you as you head bang. Shepherds fast heavy dark metal mayhem. Manifestation kicks into drive with heavy riffs and yelling vocals with rumbling rhythms. Small Gods is a heavy steady beat that just envelopes you as it drags you into the mosh pit. Lost Insignificance fast heavy speeding down the road metal music. Echo Chamber strange riffs build a crunchy riff kicks in with pounding beats and yelling vocals. 

T Tops – Disease
Band members - ????

Disease fast heavy driving Motorhead influenced hard rock. Incest a strange interesting riff that just worms its way thru you. Mouth For Hate heavy catchy driving surf punk meets Motorhead style hard rock.

Necroholocaust – Laudem Antichristus
Black Plague Of War And Disease – Vocals/Guitar, Bloodlust Abominator Of Ritual War Incantations – Drums, Bestial Desolator Of Impurity And Abomination – Guitar, Filth Destroyer And Threshold Devastator – Bass

Heaven Burns God Failed eerie sounds surround and envelope you then hands from the mists grab ahold and drag you into the pit of hell. Nuclear Whore dark dreary heavy demonic tones fill the air and just make you gasp for air. 


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