Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Subtype Zero – The Astral Awakening
Lance Buckley – Bass, Dalton Edwards – Drums, Alex Podmore – Guitar, Steve Buhl – Guitar, Hector Rivera – Vocals

Blinded By Light starts slow and steady with an eerie feel the just kicks into overdrive and shreds away. Shrouded Mistasis fast heavy thrashing guitars pounding drums with thundering bass and yelling style vocals old school thrash. Become Insane ripping thrashing shredding tears and pounding. Unprecedented Salvation speed metal thrash with lots of aggression. Twisted Obsession crunching chainsaw guitars and pounding rhythms with rough vocals. Flesh Famine get in the pit and slam together with lots of madness. The Astral Awakening fist in the air head banging thrash metal mayhem. Sin Of The Innocent ripping tearing thrashing speed metal. Relentless Cleansing rumbling bass pounding drums chainsaw guitars and rough vocals just slam about. F.T.C. melodic melancholic guitar. Inhumane head banging riffs scorching guitars and fast paced rhythms just thrash about. Cerebral Cage has an interesting thrash rhythm with screaming guitars and thundering drums bass combo with yelling vocals.

Witches Hammer -  Canadian Speed Metal / Stretching Into Infinity
Marco Banco - Guitar, Steve Withrow - Bass, Mike Mourant, Dan Armstrong, Johnny Prizmic - Drums, Ray Prizmac - Vocals

Thulsa Doom thumping bass fast drums crunchy guitars and spoken style evil vocals. Rabid Captor old school thrash metal madness. Frozen God Witches Hammer starts slow and heavy screaming guitars pounding rhythms and dark vocals. Gorgon hit the pit slamming and sweating with great aggression. Mantle Of Death slow pounding throbbing rhythms and searing guitars that just plod along then it kicks you in the head. Death Of No Reprieve rumbling bass speeding drums and chainsaw guitars with old school thrash style vocals an speed metal leads. INRI Gorgon head banging slamming thrash metal. Legions Of the Undead pound your fist bang your heads and just thrash about. Deadly Mantis grabs you slams you into a wall and pounds away at you. National Front cutting ripping tearing thrashing metal. Final Storm grinding ripping thrashing pounding bodies sweating and slamming.

Mortalas thrashing and to the point. Rise Above punches you in the throat and drags you away. Alien Jesus thrashing in the pit slamming away. No Limits rumbling bass pounding drums chainsaw guitars yelling vocals. Thulsa Doom melodic guitar then a kick in the gut and pounding. Legions of the Undead crunchy guitars pounding rhythms that just take you over. Rise above different version. Mortalas /Alien Jesus different version. Inner Sanctum thrashing speeding metal madness. Thulsa Doom different version.  Final Storm fast heavy pounding metal. National Front chainsaw slamming sweat pouring thrash metal. No Limits speed metal thrash mastery. Stretching Into Infinity in the pit slamming and stomping around making mayhem. Deadly Mantis get in the pit and just cause aggressive slamming. Captain Breakdown pounded into a bloody mess as you rise from the pit smiling. 

Dead Otter – Bridge Of Weird
John – Guitar/Vocals, Omar – Guitar, Gavin – Bass, Scott – Drums, John – Drums

Eye Elevator strange trippy psychedelic music to have your brain go thru a weird time sit back and enjoy the ride. Waning close your eyes and just imagine all the sights and sounds that this song brings to your senses. Fur acoustic guitar floats on the air as it surrounds you with emotions. LV426 is a crunchy riff and pounding rhythm that takes you back to the 70s and psychedelic hard rock. Bridge Of Weird amazing melodic guitar drifts around you then a magical musical moment in time just enjoy.

Serpent Ritual – Nexvs Diaboli
Mar – Bass, Zanna – Drums, Nihil Void – Vocals/Guitar

In Pvlverem Mortis dark death destructive black metal. Death Void Khaos drug into the bowels of hell screaming. The Heinous Blessing pounding in your head about to explode. Nexvs Diaboli fast heavy thrashing about in pain and agony.  


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