Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Wall (ReDux) - Various Artists

Magnetic Eye Records

This "cover" album is breath taking. Truly a redo of the original work. You know the words but not all the songs sound the way you remember them. They are reworked as a different take on each song, done by a different band in the Doom/ Stoner Metal/ Stoner Rock genres.

The Melvins kick it off, with a peppy "In the Flesh?". The Low Flying Hawks slow down "The Thin Ice" until they stomp on the fuzz petal and the goosebumps. The "Another Brick in the Wall" block (Part 1, Happiest days..., Part 2) sounds about the same with the bands personal flair added. ASG brings new light to "Mother" in ways I've never heard or felt it before. Mos Generator gives an updated "Goodbye Blue Sky" but does not stray from the original. Domkraft have "Empty Spaces" and add a bit of eeriness to it. The Slim Kings give a bluesy spin to "Young Lust". Worshipper keeps it real but updates the sound of "One of My Turns". Spaceslug add some doom and gloom to "Don't Leave Me Now". Good to see that MER added "When the Tigers Broke Free" and Year of the Cobra give it a good go, a bit of crunchiness and her vocals are wonderful. Greenleaf finish off what would be the first record/disc (for us old media types) with "Another Brick...part 3" and "Goodbye Cruel World". First, part 3 is classic then add hit cruel world gets a punch before fading out.

"Hey You" by Summoner has the classic sound with a twist, of the tuner pegs and effects pedals. Scott Reader does "Is There Anybody Out There" well. Mark Lanegan gives "Nobody Home" a Tom Waits kinda sound. Ruby the Hatchet's take on "Vera" is a good one.  "Bring the Boys Back Home" by SunFlo'er has a haunting sound to it. Then Mars Red Sky kicks it up a notch with "Comfortably Numb". Fuzzed out guitars and eerie vocals, more goosebumps appear. Open Hand give "The Show Go On" a classic pop sound to it, sax and all. Solace updates "In the Flesh" and gives it a flashy go at it. Pallbearer's version of "Run Like Hell" is 70's duel guitar driven, giving it a Priest or Maiden chug to it. "Waiting for the Worms" by WhiteNails is clean and upbeat at times and has the classic crunch at others with some new flair at the end. Blue Heron has an interesting side to "Stop". "The Trial" is given a good go by Church of the Cosmic Skull with a classic sound to it, does all the voice parts well, giving additional depth to it. Yawning Man have the finisher "Outside the Wall" and they do not disappoint. Slow and lingering sound giving an aftermath feel to it all. Winding you down from the trip that is "The Wall".

I think all in all that it is a great album and gives The Wall new life.


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