Thursday, October 4, 2018

New Ripple Music Releases, The Necromancers, The Hazytones, Plainride and Ape Machine. Pre-orders Open!

The Necromancers came out of the gates roaring last year with "Servants of the Salem Girl", blowing minds with their totally original fusion of doom/NWOBHM.  Now, after touring Europe nearly non-stop for the last year, The Necromancers return with an album even more stunning sophomore effort, "Of Blood and Wine."  Available in special limited edition multicolored vinyl, black vinyl and CD.  Sure to sell out quickly, pre-orders are open now!
Not to be outdone, The Hazytones also return with the dynamic sophomore release, "Hazytones II: Monarchs of Oblivion."  If you heard their critically-acclaimed debut last year, you know their incredible occult-tinged heavy psych doom.  Now, they take that power and add to it, bringing with them all the riffs, groove and melody of the debut.  Pre-orders open now at
Speaking of second albums, no way could we forget this rip roarin' rager from Germany's Plainride.  "Return of the Jackalope" exposed the world to their fierce  and fiery no-frills rock n roll.  Now the lads have upped the ante, creating a quantum leap forward in riffology and groove.  No other way to say it, this album smokes with the passion of a blues-fueled Motorhead.  CD's in stock at the shop now, Vinyl due to come in this month.  Don't get left out!  
Certainly not a sophomore release for these guys, and not even just their second album for Ripple.  Ape Machine are world renown for their retro-70's, prog-tinged stoner rock, and "Darker Seas" is their most sophisticated album yet.  Bringing on the heavy, but never losing sight of the grove, many are claiming this to be Ape Machine's best album yet.  Available in limited and regular vinyl editions, CD and digital.  Check them out and enter the machine!

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