Sunday, September 2, 2018

Uriah Heep - Living The Dream

The mighty Uriah Heep are about to unleash their new album called Living The Dream on September 14th... This will be their 25th studio album and the first since the Outsider album some 4 years ago... The Outsider album was also a stellar addition to their catalog that started back in 1970!!! In case you didn't already realize it,  they also just happen to be one of my all-time favorite groups... My number 4 to be exact!!!

Led by the underrated guitar god Mick Box, his guitar leads just melt your face at times... Then there's Bernie Shaw on vocals, who just gets better on every record... It's hard to believe that Bernie has been with them a mere 32 years (The new guy.... lol) Moving on to keyboardist Phil Lanzon, this guy has also been there hammering away since 1986...  Finally, the rhythm section of Dave Rimmer on bass and Russell Gilbrook on drums finishes out the Five man line-up!!!

The album starts out with Grazed By Heaven, which is also the lead single... It's obvious right from the start that the Heep are here to make a HARD ROCK album!!! The Phenomenal musicianship and lyrics on the entire album are superb as always... This addition is a must for all Uriah Heep fans... Enjoy!!!

-Rock Man & Mercy

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