Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Gnaw Their Tongues & Crowhurst – Burning Ad Infinitum
Mories – All Instruments/Vocals, Andrew Curtis Brignell - ???, Matron Thorn - ???, Jay Gambit – Vocals/Synths

Nothings Sacred over nine minutes of sounds noises and weird instrumentals that will make you wonder where you are and wtf is going on. Speared Martyrs waking from a night not sure where you are and if you are awake or still in the dream. The Blinding Fury Of Suffering rising from the depths of hell the demon hordes destroy. The Divinity Of Out Great Perversions lost in the black abyss of space and time not knowing if you are alive or dead.

Sir Reg – The Underdogs
Brendan Sheehy – Vocals, Chris Inoue – Guitar, Karin Ulvin – Fiddle, Filip Burgman – Mandolin, Mattias Soderlund – Bass, Mattias Liss – Drums

The Underdogs get up and dance around and sing  as you totally enjoy the festive music with folk influences. Conor McGregor the crowd is up and dancing around to the melodic Irish feelings that flow thru this song. Giving It Up (The Drink) is a very festive sing along drinking song for everyone to just enjoy. Fool (Fight Of Our Lives) stomp your feet tap your knee grab a brew and just join in. Cairbre out in the woods just singing and playing along with the band as it strides by. Take Me To Your Dealer low bass rumbles then a catchy riff fast but melodic and with a few tempo changes. The Day That You Died dancing singing and drinking the day away enjoying it all. The Stopover sounds of a storm blowing in great sing along vocals that will have the entire crowd involved. Stereotypical Drunken Feckin Irish Song just a feel good Celtic drinking song that will stick in your head for days. Don’t Let Go has fast Celtic rhythms and a great melody to make your day feel great. Sinner of The Century melodic tones fill the air with lots of majestic emotions that will send that shiver down your spine.

Armed for Apocalypse – Palm Reader
Nate Burman – Guitar/Vocals, Cayle Hunter – Guitar, Corey Vaspra – Bass – Nick Harris – Drums, 

Mass Oblation dark heavy aggressing music with growling vocals to just annihilate you. Worlds Beneath grinds slashes and rips and tears at your very senses. Forced To An End pounding thrashing slamming sweat flying fist pounding. Palm Reader feedback overdriven aggression and destruction.

Ennui – End of The Circle
David Unsaved – Guitar/Vocals/Keyboards, Serge Shengelia – Guitar/Vocals/Bass

End of The Circle eerie evil sounds surround and envelope your senses pulling you toward the darkness. The Withering Pt 1 Of Hollow Us the darkness swallows up all the light and devours your soul.   The Withering Pt 2 Of Long Dead Stars pounding slow beats work their way thru you with evil intent and destruction.

Pig Destroyer – Head Cage
JR Hayes – Vocals, John Jarvis – Bass/Vocals, Adam Jarvis – Drums, Blake Harrison – Noise/Samples, Scott Hull – Guitar

The Tunnel Under The Tracks sounds of a jazz club from the 1920s then noise and dissonance that just tears into you and spoken words. Dark Train dark heavy punch you in the throat music and never let up with yelling growling vocals. Army Of Cops chainsaw riffs pounding beats thundering bass and rough vocals get in the pit and slam away. Circle River crunchy riffs cut thru you rhythms and dark deep rough vocals that just come after you. The Torture Fields slow riffs that just tear and rip through your very senses. Terminal Itch fats blast beats yelling vocals and chainsaw riff to just annihilate you. Concrete Beast is a slow heavy riff that has rough vocals and will have the pit going mad in a slower way. The Adventures Of Jason And JR crunchy guitars pounding beats thundering bass and yelling vocals to just grab you and slam you against the floor. Mt Skull fist pumping foot stomping slamming against reach annihilation. Trap Door Man fast heavy grab you and pound you into a bloody mess. The Last Song low bass that just rumbles thru you with cutting guitars and rough vocals. House Of Snakes music that rises from all around then goes into an interesting rhythm that just takes you over. 


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