Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Transient With Bastard Noise – Sources of Human Satisfaction
Krysta Curry-Martinez – Vocals, Adam Wilson – Guitar, Brandon Curry – Bass, Justin Rodda – Drums

Mother’s Day sounds like a spaceship from the old movies getting louder then lots of scratchy feedback with yelling vocals and heavy beats. My Voice is like having a fist punched into your head and your brain ripped out. Night Ass strange sounds arise from the abyss then a horde of demons spill out. Cave Mouth many different sounds that sound you begin to blur and become disharmonic with evil intent. Tether wind and rain pour down with sounds of autos and feedback before annihilating you. Full Recovery notes distort and fuzz out then pound in your head till your ears bleed. Mandala lost in a black abyss with weird noises surrounding you then violence all around. Leeches giant musical leeches are sucking all the life out of you. Secret Finger lots of programmed sounds fast heavy dark music and vocals. Hairy And The Henderson’s lost in the woods being chased by the large hairy creature intent on eating you. Bloodline strange psychedelic sounds of death metal space rock.

The Pineapple Thief – Dissolution
Bruce Soord – Vocals/Guitar, Gavin Harrison – Drums, Jon Sykes – Bass, Steve Kitch – Keyboards

Not Naming Any Names mellow piano and vocals in the prog rock style. Try As I Might melodic rhythms solid beats and excellent vocals that float and also have some bite to the music. Threatening War acoustic guitar mellow vocals and prog rock style rhythms that slowly build with some tempo changes back and forth. Uncovering Your Tracks sit back close your eyes and just drift with the melodic sounds and great vocals. All That You’ve Got is a very danceable melodic song with some excellent musicianship. Far Below kicking back in a bar listening to a very good unknown band that just makes the hours go away quickly. Pillar Of Salt sitting back playing your acoustic and singing just letting the emotions flow. White Mist is a very melodic song with very strong music and vocals that will just stick with you for days. Shed a Light is a very nice melody to end this excellent album of mellow prog rock tunes with some scorching lead guitars and awesome rhythm section playing.

Lord Of The Lost – Thornstar (2 Disc)
Chris Harms – Vocals/Guitar/Cello, Pi – Guitar, Class Grenayde – Bass, Glared Dirge – Piano/Synths/Percussion/Guitar, Niklas Kahl – Drums

Disc One – On This Rock I Will Build My Church heavy riffs pounding rhythms and yelling vocals with a classical industrial gothic interplay. Loreley industrial gothic keyboards with a sinister fell and gothic vocals. Black Halo classical cellos that work their way into a melancholy gothic song. In Our Hands a solid gothic song that you can close your eyes and just drift along to. Morgana back to the times of magic dark and light wandering the castles more of a gothic prog song. Haythorn industrial goth with dark overtones. Naxxar melancholic sounds and tones then a crunchy riff that just grabs you. Cut Me Out takes you on a very dark gothic journey. The Mortarian has a tribal industrial gothic sound. Under The Sun rave meets gothic meets industrial song. In Darkness In Light Type O melds with HIM gothic and dark. Forevermore close your eyes and drift to a strange trip thru time and space. Ruins drifting death and destruction of olden Egypt.
Disc Two – Abracadabra death metal industrial gothic rave music. Voodoo Doll slow melancholic gothic moody music. The Art Of Love slow heavy dementia space rock gothic. Lily Of The Vale back in time and space with strange tones swirling around you taking you into a black abyss. Penta space and time are different and going in slow motion with a very dark feel. Free Radicals industrial rave tribal beats with crunchy riffs and pounding rhythms. Live Pray Die Repeat death gothic industrial.

Evil Triplet – Have A Nice Trip
Steve Marsh – Guitar/Vocals, Kirk Laktas – Drums, Joe Volpi – Bass

Space Kitten strange crunchy riffs pounding drums bass searing lead guitar that just pierce your very essence with punk new wave vocals. A Day Like Any Other slow steady driving riffs fuzz guitar and space rock sounds. Aren’t You Experienced Hendrix style guitar mixed with prog rock beats and vocals. Open Heart space rock sounds and trippy tones to just drift along to. Pyramid Eye close your eyes and take a trip back to the late 60s just trip along to the wild tones. Apparition slow driving beats that just slide over and thru you.

Teksti-TV 666 – Aidautta Tulevaisuus
Tero, Timo, Kartsa, Johannes, Jake, Teemu,Juho, Joonas

Turbo Mondeo spacey sounds out in the abyss of time and places with heavy riffs and punk style vocals. Aidautta Tulevaisuus punk rock that will take you back to the early 80s on MTV. Rauhankone crunchy riffs slow steady pounding beats and punk new wave vocals. Severny takes a weird trip like a video game thru your mind. Katko space and time drifting thru the early 80s of MTV new wave space rock. 


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