Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Merryweather Stark – Carved In Rock
Neil Merryweather – Bass/Vocals, Janne Stark – Guitar/Bass, Peter Svensson – Drums

Irma la Douche starts with some excellent lead work and pounding drum with thundering bass get ready to just rock out.  It Aint Pretty rumbling bass crunchy chords and solid drums kick back and enjoy.  We Got To Own This Thing is excellent blues hard rock with lots of soul and emotion.  Babylon Sin City take a trip back to the seventies and some great jamming music.  Give Em Hell Boy get out the air guitar and air drums and just play along to one catchy song fist in the air.  Rockers Lament hope in your car or on your bike crank up this tunes and just speed down the highway.  Lay Your Body Down fist in the air bodies swaying to this bluesy rhythm.  Love And War another trip back to the sixties and some great tunes.  Freedom To Love kick back close your eyes and just drift along to some awesome musicianship.  What’s It Gonna Be some excellent late sixties Mahogany Rush influenced music with great vocals.  I Believe grab your guitar and just jam along to a soulful song.

Grand Design – Viva la Paradise
Pelle Saether – Vocals, Janne Stark – Guitar, Dennis Vestman – Guitar, Stefan Westerlund – Bass, Joakim Jonsson – Drums

Face It has the sounds of bikes racing down the road then a excellent riff that just sticks in your head.  Rock N Roll Hysteria fist in the air head banging hair flying as the crowd just get into the groove singing along.  Viva La Paradise melodic lead guitar that just pierces the soul with some excellent playing and great vocals.  Don’t Ice Me Out this would be a great song live to get the crowd bouncing and swayin with fist in the air.  Aim For The Heart nice melodic guitar and vocals that just lift your soul just a great power ballad.  I Would Be The Wind cruising down the road music blasting on a trip to who knows where.  Love Shouldn’t Hurt is a very melodic heart felt that just reaches inside and grabs your very soul.  Its Only Straight From The Heart crowd bouncing fist pumping sing along hard rock.  Too Late To Fall In Love get your fist hi and rock out as you sing along and just jam away.  U Can’t Fool Love grab your air guitar and just jam along with one very catchy song with excellent musicianship and vocals.

Hazemaze  - ST
Ludvig Andersson – Guitar / Vocals, Stefan Carillo – Bass, Nils Eineus – Drums

Wall Of Confusion slow Sabbath style bass and drums with a piercing guitar with loads of emotion.  Lord Cubensis close your eyes and just move to the slow psychedelic stoner rock rhythm and excellent vocals.  Black Mamba Pt1 take a trip back to the early days of stoner rock and just trip with the music.  Black Mamba Pt2 these guys were definitely influenced by the mighty Sabbath slow song that just plod along but never get boring.  Minds Abyss take a dark journey thru your very mind.  Lies slow bass riffs fill the air then psychedelic guitars and pounding drum to just take a long journey along with.  Beast And Prey is slightly more up tempo but not music just rock out and enjoy.  Searching great bass playing that just rumbles your insides guitar that just works its way thru you and drums that just pound into your very being with vocals that take you on a strange trip.

The Heavy Eyes – Live In Memphis
Trip Shumake – Guitar/Vocals, Wally Anderson – Bass, Eric Garcia – Drums

Mannish Boy live stoner rock with a very bluesy feel that just makes you wanna move.  Maggie searing guitar that takes you back to the late 60s and solid rhythms.  Iron Giants close your eyes and just take a trip thru your musical mind.  Parado is a very laid back blues based hard rock psychedelic song that just remind some of us of the great old music.  Shadow Shaker move and sway to the excellent heartfelt guitar then a rhythm that envelopes your entire essence.  Super Moon the crowd will be moving and swaying to a riff that will just stick in your head for days.  Saint sing along and fist pump to one catchy song with some excellent musicianship.  These Men Are Wolves rollin drums thundering bass and a great song that takes you on a interesting trip.  One Hand On The Buffalo get your air guitars out and get ready to jam with a song that has a very Cream influence mixed with Sabbath.  The Fool bass that just overtakes your very essence then a slow plodding trip thru strange times.  Voytek music slowly rising out of the darkness and surrounding you taking you on a trip thru maybe the swamps or some other backwoods place.  Goodnight is a great song to end this blues based festival of psychedelic notes.  Catfish Blues one last stoner song about being a catfish you figure it out.

Khorada – Salt
Don Anderson – Guitar, Jason Walton – Bass, Aesop Dekker – Drums, Aaron John Gregory - Guitar/Vocals

Edeste has a sort of spaghetti western feel then a slow steady beat with an almost gothic feel.  Seasons Of Salt will take you mind on a strange trip thru the darkness of the black abyss then just pound you into dust.  Water Rights evil rises and just envelopes you taking you into the very pits of hell.  Glacier Gold sounds of a storm then a very melancholy gothic feel that just works its way along the musical path.  Augustus starts out more melodic with a very eerie feel.  Wave State strange and eerie jazz meets death meets gothic.  Ossify taking a strange trip thru the nether world.


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