Sunday, August 19, 2018

Grusom - II

Grusom is back with another gem of dark & gloomy excellence... This sextet unleashes their 2nd album (appropriately titled II) on August 31st, which is a little over 3 years after their well received debut album...

This sophomore release starts off with a simple yet addictive little organ riff and never lets up from there...  By the second song, I am totally at "Peace Of Mind" with the fine musicianship these boys from Svendborg, Denmark have... They definitely have their machine finely tuned and are ready for legendary status in the Hard & Heavy Underground and beyond!!!

My favorite tune on the album is Skeletons at an epic 7:57, and oh so great... It's full of eerie creepy lyrics with wicked tempo changes, and soaring guitar solos!!! The organ is phenomenal as well!!!

To sum it up I was almost halfway through when it hit me, this is another candidate for album of the year!!! Like I needed another!!! Bring 'em on, I love it!!! lol The last 3 tunes on this album step it up yet  a few more notches!!! I am definitely looking forward to album number 3!!!

"Don't Be Afraid" to fall for this album with the opening track!!! I did lol!!!

-Rock Man & Mercy

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