Monday, August 13, 2018

Bloody Gulch - Fly The Ghost

Bloody Gulch, a stoner metal band based in Dixon, Illinois, has an album out called Fly the Ghost, and it is 8 tracks of awesome riffs, kick ass vocals, and powerful rhythm section mastery. Chad, the vocalist for Bloody Gulch, hooked me up with the digital, and physical copy, of this bad mother fucker, and for that I am very thankful.

All My Friends opens this album up with a nice heavy riff, one that isn't a technical fueled riff, but is still heavier than anything by any tech group out there. The vocal melody is infectious,  like a good old fashioned dose of syphilis, but, you know, syphilis that you'd actually want to have lol This is a thundering mammoth of a track, and easily my favorite one on Fly the Ghost!  

The title track is another favorite of mine, mostly because it is an up tempo rocker of a song.  The verse riff is absolutely perfect for the song, and allows the drums and bass to drive the song ahead. I love the vocal delivery, and tone, on this, and all songs. Very cool execution across the board!!!!

Bloody Gulch Road rages in with a Sabbath infused riff of pure heaviness.  This track has my favorite vocal tone on this fantastic album, it's just so cool sounding. This song is another of my top picks, because of their use of dynamics, sounds, and overall power!!!

Bloody Gulch have scored a huge hit with Fly the Ghost, at least in my opinion.  They have killer metal edge to their guitar tone, yet have a stoner metal writing style; which I think is pretty cool. I'll attach a link to their Bandcamp page, and let you discover this great bands for yourselves!


-T.C. Mayhem

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