The Xroadie Files

Wail – Resilient
Joakim Joreng – Vocals, Kim Ruben Sletten – Guitar, Thor B Gundersen – Guitar, Torkjell H Voll – Bass, Memet O Cataltepe – Drums, Simen H Voll _ Keyboards

Never No More power metal riffs and vocals along with excellent rhythms and thundering bass.  He’s Finally Here speed metal in all its power and glory fast heavy and melodic.  By Your Hand fist pumping foot stompin head banging power metal that just takes you away and fills your soul.  Dark Messiah slow melodic keyboards then the band jumps in and just takes you on a trip thru the very reaches of your mind.  Initiation melodic power and glory with awesome chorus vocals along with power metal one.  Thrill of The Hunt jump on you bike of in your car and go racing down the highway speeding up and slowing down when needed.  May swirling keyboards percussion works its way in with powerful riffs that just take you to another time and place.  Protector guitar bass and pounding drums that just make you fist pump head bang and vocals that you will sing along to.  Resilient emotional keyboards then chugging riffs pounding drums thundering bass and a very catchy rhythm.

B.Abuse – Memories Of  Better Days Are Gone
B.Abuse – All Instruments and Vocals

A Promise Empty weird sounds surround you with yelling voices piercing your ears and strange tempos.  Alte Haeuser Ohne Namen blackness surrounds you as the void closes in and envelopes you.  Reward Prediction Error marching beats and weird guitar riffs like chainsaws work their way thru you.  Days Gone By piano sounds slowly slice thru your senses with melodic guitar.  Nothing Will Remain straight forward strange guitars in the Voivod vein and yelling vocals with pounding rhythms.  We Were like Ants spoken words melodic guitars strange percussions and swirling keyboards.  Zerfall nice melodic guitar that builds with strong emotion.  Den Teufel Der Zeit Vertreiben classical sounds and rhythms slowly build and drift till the end.

The Good The Bad And The Zugly – Misanthropical House
Ivar, Eirik, Magne, Kim, Zugly

H-Bomb punk riffs fast beats and yelling punk death vocals to get your day started.  Mindlessness get the pi a moshing with this fast paced slammin song.  Vik Bak Meg Satan great solid drum beat rippin guitar riff and vocals to yell along to then it just gets heavier with some scorching lead guitar intermixed.  I Lied About Being a Hardcore Man has almost a surf meets punk fast heavy beat and yelling style vocals.  Ripe for The Grave sur rock style rockabilly guitars mixed with a steady beat and punk vocals.  West Coast Exile bounce and bop and dance and slam to the catchy heavy riff.  It’s a Jungle Out There In The Forest guitars slowly building heavy rhythms get the pit a movin.  International Asshole great drum work a punk riff and more yelling punk/hardcore vocals.  WWID more in the pit slammin and moshing of bodies till everyone is drenched in sweat.  I Need a Place to Drink great sing along drinking song.  Sickness Unto Death great melodic guitar that slowly builds and stick in your brain a very memorable song.  Going Nowhere Fast is just that fast heavy punk rock with lots of aggression.  

Wows – Chakpori (Single)
Paolo Bertaiola – Vocals, Marco Bressanelli – Guitar, Matteo Baldi – Guitar, Fabio Orlandi – Drums, Pierluca Esposito – Bass, Kevin Follet – Keyboards

Chakpori guitar feedback builds heavy drum bass rhythms that grind into you some strange sounds and tempos changes and yelling style vocals.


Jan Kanis – Lakeside Sessions
Jan Kanis – Guitar /Vocals/Instruments

Just About Time nice mellow guitar vocals folk style music to just drift along to and enjoy.  Lets Go Home a more up tempo beat with guitar and drums hold your love one and just enjoy.  Anna Lee is more of an almost classic country song in the style of Charlie Daniels.  Carry You searing guitar that just pierces your soul then great vocals and acoustic guitar/piano.  El Camino kind of a surf rock 60s style of song with some excellent lyrics to sing along with has lots of motion.  Everything Changes has a Mo-town to the song and has a hall and oates feel.  Sophie excellent emotional acoustic guitar and soulful vocals.  Hey You has a jazz blues feel to the music and some great sing along vocals.  Love Will Find A Way blues to the very core with searing emotions and a very solid beat.  Seven Wonders reminds me of either Gordon Lightfoot or Jim Croce with some eagles mixed in.  If You Should Go Away very melancholy bluesy jazz with tons of emotion.