Thursday, June 7, 2018

Doom Supergroup Featuring Members of Corrosion of Conformity, Demon's Eye and Bloody Hammers, Lighting Born Sign Worldwide Record Deal with Ripple Music.

“Lightning  Born  features  members  of  Corrosion  of  Conformity,  Demon  Eye,  and  Mega  Colossus,  matching  the  mighty,  bluesy  wail  of  The  Hell  No's  Brenna  Leath  with  doomy,  stoned-out  proto-metal  muscle.”—Indy  Week

Ripple Music is thrilled to announce the signing of Lightning Born to a world-wide deal, with new album due late 2018!

A true supergroup, featuring some of the best musicians in the Maryland/East Coast Doom Scene, Lightning  Born  began  when  Doza  Hawes,  long-time  drummer  of  metal  act  Mega  Colossus,  caught  Brenna  Leath  performing  with  her  band,  The  Hell  No.   “I  really  dug  her  vocals,  and  wanted  to  see  what  she  could  do  in  a  more  traditional,  classic  rock  and  blues-inspired  kind  of  framework,”  said  Hawes.  As  the  two  brainstormed  potential  guitarists,  “I  immediately  thought  of  Erik  Sugg  from  Demon  Eye,”  said  Hawes.  “He  writes  great  riffs,  but  also  crafts  excellent  songs.  I  thought  his  darker,  doom  influence  would  be  a  perfect  fit  for  Brenna. ”The  trio  clicked  on  Erik’s  riff  ideas.  Meanwhile,  Brenna  was  finishing  up  a  Hell  No  album,  produced  by  COC’s  Mike  Dean.  She  invited  Dean  to  join  the  group  on  bass,  and  the  chemistry  was  apparent.  

“It’s  not  every  day  that  you  get  to  pick  your  dream  line  up  of  musicians  to  start  a  band.  This  is  the  easiest  songwriting  process,  us  all  together,  that  I’ve  ever  had.  The  songs  just  pop  out  almost  instantly,” said  Hawes.

Lightning Born debuted  in  2016,  rocking their  debut  show  with  Conan  and  Serial  Hawk  in  their  hometown  of  Raleigh,  NC.  Since then, the band has moved from strength to strength sharing  the  stage  with  The  Sword,  Earthless,  Mountain,  The  Obsessed,  Karma  to  Burn,  Ruby  the  Hatchet,  and  many  others.    They  performed  at  the  Maryland  Doom  Fest  in  2017  and  were  invited  to  return  in  2018.

Their  eponymous  debut  album,  recorded  and  produced  by  Mike  Dean,  is  slated  to  release  Nov.  2018  on  Ripple  Music.

●Mike  Dean  (Corrosion  of  Conformity)    bass
●Erik  Sugg  (Demon  Eye)    guitar
●Doza  Hawes  (Mega-Colossus,  Bloody  Hammers,  Hour  of  Thirteen)    Drums
●Brenna  Leath  (The  Hell  No)  -  vocals

“Lightning Born features members of Corrosion of Conformity, Demon Eye, and MegaColossus, matching the mighty, bluesy wail of The Hell No's Brenna Leath with doomy, stoned-out proto-metal muscle.”--SpencerGriffith

"Talk about a band with a lot of talent, Lightning Born boasts some of the best [Maryland DoomFest] had to offer. A supergroup in our eyes, and rightly so. The Raleigh, NC rockers consist of members Erik Sugg (DemonEye) on guitar, DozaHawes (Colossus, BloodyHammers, Hourof13) bashing the drums, Brenna Leath (TheHellNo) with amazing vocals, and the mighty Mike Dean (Corrosion of Conformity) hammering the bass. How could you go wrong watching this band on the Doomfest stage?"

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