Saturday, March 24, 2018

Uriah Heep Live At Knuckleheads March 15th, 2018

First a little back story, when I was 10 my cousin gave me Uriah Heep Wonderworld I wore that album out in just a few days then I bought the vinyl album Live 1973 and later the first 8 track I got for my car was The Magicians Birthday.  Uriah Heep was the band that started me on my long journey of loving music.  Which down the road I was a roadie and got a degree in sound engineering. Through all these years I have never had the chance to see the band live until now.  Gypsy started to show with its bombastic sound and awesome feeling of power and glory.  Look At Yourself could be considered one of the first prog speed songs ever and just rocked the house.  Shadows of Grief is a very classical oriented piece off of Look At Yourself and over the years I have watched many live dvds and have never heard them play this song so that was an excellent surprise.  Stealin is one song that everyone growing up in the seventies will recognize and sing along to as it brings back great memories.  The Law was a newer song off the 2014 Album outsider and shows that the band can produce songs that kick just as much ass as they did back in their prime.  Sunrise was awesome and it brought back many memories as it was the first song off of live 1973 that I have listened to many times over the years.  The Magicians Birthday (Long Version) this was extra special to me as before the tour started I was talking to Mick Box and had asked if either Magicians Birthday of Wonderworld could be played and the guys didn’t disappoint as each musician showed off their chops and rocked the house to the ground.  The Wizard next off of Demons and Wizards was the Wizard with its mellow acoustic guitar and great chorus vocals before the band kicks in at the end to a crescendo.  One Minute is a another great song off of the Outsider album and if given a chance would be a great radio hit with its excellent sing along vocals and catchy riffs.  Between Two Worlds is a song not played in a while and it just rocked the house with hands in the air and the entire crowd singing along.  July Morning from the very first not the crowd went crazy for this classic song that sounds just as good now as it did in the early 70s.  Lady in Black no concert of Uriah Heep would be complete without this classic acoustic guitar sing along song that has so much emotion it’s hard to contain.  Easy Livin ended the show with its awesome riffs pounding rhythms and sing along vocals. I have to say after 40 years of concerts this may have been the best concert I have ever seen, Bernie sounds just as good as when he joined the band, Mick rocked the house and I have never seen anyone that seems to enjoy themselves more on stage.  Phil played the keyboards with such power and majesty and Russel pounded the skins at such a pace I don’t know how he does it but he just plain kicked ass and David held down the groove with amazing power and grace and I would say him and Russell have to be one of the best rhythm sections around today.  After the show I had the pleasure of going backstage and meeting the band along with getting a guitar signed what an amazing group of guys and a must see show if they come to your area.
*Pictures by my lovely wife Kim

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