Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Nortt – Endeligt
Nortt – All Instruments

Andaegtigt dark angry violent sounds creeping up on you.  Dodsfald lost in the abyss of blackness of sounds and evil.  Lovsang Til Morket imagine being in a void of nothing ness then something weird and evil tries to sneak up on you to devour you.  Kisteglad dark and dreary sounds and weird noises with gothic like background vocals.  Fra Haeld  Til Intet plodding darkness coming for you and your very existence.  Eftermaele more violence and death moving slowly down the road to nothingness.  Afod lost in the blackness of space with no hope of help.  Gravrost your heart is pounding throat is dry and you are just waiting for death.  Stov For Vinden wind blowing weird sounds howling death and darkness all around.  Endeligt the end song drifting into black nothingness and total despair.

The Negative Bias -  Lamentation Of The Chaos Omega
IFS – Vocals, ST – Strings, Florian Musil – Drums, Thanatos – Guitar, Narcotic Empress – Guitar, Katharsis – Bass, Slavetrader – Drums

The Golden Key to A Pandemonium Kingdom sounds slowly building then a full on in your face death metal scream and pounding beat to rip your face off.  Journey Into The Defleshed Paradise evil sneaking up behind you with spoken word and melancholy guitar then like a punch in the back hard and deathly it rips into you slowly dragging you down.  Tormented By Endless Delusions a full on punch in the teeth violent aggression death metal song.  The Undisclosed Universe Of Atrocities slow melancholy guitar and bass with some added percussion that builds and just annihilates you.  Cryptic Echoes From Beyond Dimensions lost in darkness and void of space leaving you breathless and helpless and afraid.  And Darkness Should Be The End of Cosmic Faith ends this dark metal fest with an evil and destruction that just rips apart your very soul.

Chronic Xorn – For These Sins Who Must Die
Saptadip Chakrabarty – Vocals, Biswarup Bardhan – Guitar, Suvam Moitra – Guitar/Vocals, Soumyadeep Das – Bass, Dipayan Chakraborty – Drums

Doctrine Of Hate acoustic guitars weird sounds and a melancholy feel.  For These Sins Who Must Die has a very classical feel then blast beats and evil background sounds then the full force of death metal hell comes in and just runs you over.  Necropolis III fast beats chainsaw guitars and dark demonic vocals that just rip at your skin.  Justice By The Act Of Violence grinding guitars drum from the other side of speed man this guy is fast and death metal growls.  Vox Populi weird guitar sound pounding beats that make your heart skip a beat and more vocals from the pit of hell.  The Last Stand this song just throws you down and runs you over with its violent force.

Clamfight – III
Joel Harris – Guitar, Louis Koble – Bass, Andy martin – Guitar/Vocals, Sean McKee – Guitar

Whale Road strumming electric guitars pounding tribal like drums with a few twist and turns in the music from mellow to heavy back and forth.  Selkie strange weird guitar feedback that slowly builds to a stoner rock feel with searing lead guitar.  Echoes in Stone slow droning guitar that weaves its way to you with deep death metal style vocals and an almost heavy pink Floyd feel.  Eynhallow plodding bass work acoustic guitar melds its way in very melancholy.  History Of The Earls Of Orkney a slow beating of drums grinding slow guitars rumbling bass scorching leads and growling vocals.

Deinonychus – Ode To The Act Of Murder, Dystopia And Suicide
Marco Kahren – Guitar/Bass/Vocals, Steve Wolz – Drums, Markus Stock – Keyboards

Life Taker the song title says it all dark deep vocals and evil sounding music.  For This I Silence You demonic vocals grinding guitars and music that seems to spring forth from the underworld.  The Weak Have Taken The Earth grabs you and tries to saw your soul in have with its grinding riffs.  Buried Under The Frangipanis dark deep evil and sadistic intent in music.  Dead Horse melodic acoustic guitar which slowly turns into a gift of death metal destruction.  Dusk melancholic evil and sadistic music that just drags you away to another world.  There is No Eden slow grinding demonic satanic style of death metal.  Silhouette ends this death fest with a full on in your face blast of death metal.


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