Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Anguish – Magna Est Vis Suignah
J. Dee – Vocals/Bass, David – Guitar, Linus – Guitar, Rasmus Drums

Blessed be The Beast evil sounds and growls that meld into a dark heavy metal riff that moves its way slowly to devour you.  Magna Est Vis Suignah more slow droning heavy riffs like old Sabbath and stoner rock that is like a steamroller stuck in low trying to run you over.  Of The Once Ravenous traveling thru time and space and not sure where you are just drifting along with the heavy beat and dark death vocals.  Requiescat In Pace continues the death /stoner onslaught of slow moving riffs with lots of dark intent.  Elysian Fields of Fire being slowly let down into a pit of fire and its consuming your very soul.  Our Daughters Banner walking down a dark and lonely road with no end in sight and shadows moving all around you.   

The Cops – First Offense
Tony Fulco, Jeff Smith, Geo White, Philip Smaller, Brandon Barger, Halston Luna, Casey Kemp

Homicide fast heavy punk beats with some melody and yelling vocals get ready to bounce around.  Life On The Beat take a ride back to the time when punk was king of the mtv airwaves.  Street Hooker Love the pit moves and moshes and bounces to this melodic punk song.  Police Brutality more melodic power pop punk rock to just jam along with.  Nightstick fast heavy melodic power punk with sing along vocals.  Paraphernalia a slower heavy beat to bop along with and slam into the pit.  Repeat Offender the pit forms and people slam into each other as this song moves along.  Downtown reminds me of The Clash meets the Sex Pistols.  Hot Pursuit heavy punk guitar riffs sing along vocals and a catchy beat.  Protect And Serve fast and faster as the mosh pit goes into a frenzy.  Riot Tonight a rockabilly meets punk song with lots of sing along vocals.

Corrosion of Conformity – No Cross No Crown
Pepper Keenan – Vocals/Guitar, Woodroe Weatherman -  Guitar, Mike dean- Bass/Vocals,
Reed Mullin – Drums/Vocals

Noves Deus has the sound of a heart beat and heavy slow Sabbath style guitar riffs and eerie sounds along with searing leads it’s an intro into.  The Luddite continues the great heavy riff and builds into a complete song with yelling style vocals.  Cast The First Stone has one of those riffs that would be great to just jam down the road to while. driving.  No Cross slow steady Bass and guitar with some strange sounds is the intro into.  Wolf Named Crow which has some screaming guitar leads and a great head banging riff and great drums.  Little Man get ready to just kick back and jam to this fine tune.  Matre’s Diem is a nice mellow acoustic piece.  Forgive Me a fist pumping head banging sing along metal /stoner song.  Nothing Left To Say is a slower southern/cajun style with some excellent melodies and that moves back and forth from heavy to mellow close your eyes and just jam away.  Sacred Isolation eerie sounds and a piano/guitar slowly build.  Old Disaster is a Sabbath style of riff with lots of great musicianship and emotion.  E.L.M. excellent twin leads great riffs and a vocal that easy to sing along with get ready to rumble.  No Cross No Crown weird sounds in the distant then a slow melodic melancholy riff /vocals.  A Quest To Believe (A Call To The Void) a heavy driving rhythm slow and steady with a grinding riff.  Son And Daughter weird guitar spoken word then a extremely heavy beat that just drives its way thru your very soul.

Mangoo -  The Heat
Richard Dahllund – Guitar/Vocals, Mathias Akerlund – Guitar, Igor Del Toro – Bass,
Teemu  Pulkinnen – Drums, Niklas Bjorklund- Keyboards

Relief an excellent metal riff great rhythm section and soaring vocals great way to start out this album.  Get Away has an excellent melodic beat that just takes you away to a different time and place.  Beyond The Sky is a slow steady riff that is Sabbath in style with lots of emotion.  Monolith has a rockabilly style of riff and beat to move and groove along with.  One Day some excellent guitar then the band kicks in and takes you down a strange trip but with a head banging sound.  Deification is a great fist pumping head thrashing song that will have you tired by the end.  Tiembla awesome drumming bass pounding guitar riffing sing along metal song.  Stumbling Man, a very melodic psychedelic style of song that takes you back to the 70s.  The Heat builds slowly with strange sounds then moves back and forth from heavy to melodic with some soaring leads.  Grey Belly get ready to take a trip back to the late 60s early 70s of psychedelic rock and some awesome guitar leads.  Party All the Time an excellent metal version of the Eddie Murphy hit song. 

Mr. Plow – Maintain Radio Silence

Justin Waggoner – Guitar/Vocals, Jeremy Stone – Guitar/Vocals, Greg Green – Bass,
Cory Cousins - Drums

Sigil has a slow stoner style of riff with a very catchy melodic feel and some excellent psychedelic vocals.  Samizdat is more of a mid-tempo heavy rock song with lots of pounding drums and rumbling bass.  Shaolin Cowboy get ready to rock and jam away with this riffing song.  Matchstick fist pumping heavy riffing with feedback and lots of emotion.  Memento will have you playing air guitar and singing along to a great stoner rock song.  Johnny Gentle has some excellent bass that melds its way thru the song with great drumming and very emotional guitars.  Million Bucks is a fist pumping metal riff that will also have your feet moving and head banging.  Maintain Radio Silence some great lead guitar that just pierces right thru you and takes you on a trip with the rest of the instruments.  Spark Arrester has an almost punk thrash feel to the music mixed with stoner rock.  Hammer Smash Face is an excellent psychedelic riffing song.  Paxton feedback riffing guitars screaming leads with great drums and pounding bass get ready to rock out.  Southbound more excellent emotion lead guitar with a stoner meets southern rock style and feel.  


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