Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Monolith Cult – Gospel Of Despair
Bryan Outlaw – Vocals, Lee Baines – Guitar, Wayne Hustler – Guitar, Izak Buxton – Bass
Damo Clarke – Drums, Dan Mullins – Drums

Disconnection Syndrome grinding thrashing riffs pounding rums rumbling bass and soaring vocals get ready to head band and enjoy.  The Gospel Of Despair  is a very Sabbath style of riff that just moves along and takes you with it.  Kings of All That’s Lost slow plodding stoner psychedelic rock/metal that just pounds away into your brain.  Chothia In Memorium great melodic guitar instrumental.  Sympathy for The Living is an excellent slow to mid tempo style of riff with lots of great musicianship and soulful vocals.  Complicit In Your Own Abuse slow dark and dreary with evil intent that has some excellent tempo changes.  Death Means Nothing is another Sabbath style of riff that just sneaks up from behind and grabs you to take you away to nowhere.

Morbid Angel – Kingdoms Disdained
Trey Azagthoth – Guitar, Steve tucker – Bass/Vocals, Dan Vandim  Von – Guitar, Scott Fuller – Drums

Piles of Little Arms from one of the Kings of death metal grinding riffs demonic vocals and heavy beats.  D.E.A.D. chainsaw guitars pounding drums and bass and vocals that just try to devour you.  Garden of Distain grabs you and pull you into the pit of evil and despair.  The Righteous Voice thousands of evil hands grabbing at you try to tear you apart.  Architect And Iconoclast get the pit ready to mosh and thrash about as you slowly descend into hades.  Paradigms Warped slow grinding sounds reaching out to pull you under the steamroller of pain and death.  Pillars Crumbling fast heavy in your face death metal that just shreds.  For No Master pounding drums chainsaw riffs rumbling bass and demonic vocals that just tear thru your essence.  Declaring New Law imagine being stuck on the railroad tracks not able to move and the train bearing down on you ready to flatten you very body.  From The Hand Of Kings blast beats buzz saw guitars grumbling bass and vocals that just make you run screaming for your life.  The Fall Of Idols ends this death metal festival with pure fury and violence.       

Outlaws And Moonshine – Devil In The Moonshine
Beau Van – Guitar/Vocals, Mike Back – Guitar/Vocals, Travis – Slide Guitar, Chris van – Bass/Vocals, Eric Piper – Drums/Percussion

Devil in The Moonshine is new southern rock at its best has a Lynyrd Skynyrd feel to the music great sing along song.  (Here Comes) Bobby has an Allman Bros feel with lots of soul and emotion.  Don’t Be Scared back in the southern swamps where the music comes alive kind of like a heavier Charlie Daniels band Ride Or Die out in the back woods just jamming away and having a great time with friends.  Boom would be a great song to just jam while cruising down the road and having a blast with friend’s great guitar leads to just listen to as well.  Cootie Brown has a great bass drum intro then an excellent southern guitar riff melds in this is feel good southern rock song to jam along with.  Whiskey is a slower almost country style of song to be played in the back woods around a roaring fire then the band gets up and slowly builds to just jam away.  Hey Y’All takes you back to the heyday of southern rock in the 70s this song and band brings that style back to the present and shows you how good that style really is.  Redneck Me lots of southern style emotional guitar and vocals that just takes you on a trip to the back woods and lots of good times.  Different Kind Of Man acoustic guitar southern style from the back wood swamps with some very soulful vocals and great rhythms and some scorching guitars that just make you close your eyes and enjoy.

Paisley West – Energy Exploded
Paisley Fillmore West – Vocals, Yossarian – Bass/Guitar/Sitar/Mellotron/Tambourine/Tanpura
Gary Shefco – Guitar, Eddie Reis – Drums/Percussion/Keyboards, Ashley Baugher and Jasmine Mack – BG Vocals, Kevin McDonnell – Lyricist

Lampbright jazz meets psychedelia it reminds me of Jefferson Airplane melded with Jimi Hendrix with Grace Slick singing.  Breathe In has an eastern Moroccan feel with several twist and turns get ready to trip back to the late 60s.  Time Release fuzz reverb guitar that just swirls around you and ethereal vocals that take you on a psychedelic trip with some jazz influence.  Ricochet another Hendrix Beatles Airplane song with lots of excellent melodies.  Open Your Mind take a trip back to Height Ashbury and the psychedelic late 60s kick back and enjoy.  Crystal Dome close your eyes and just drift with the psychedelic melodies and sounds of the hippy era.  Marshmallow Raze lots of great melodies and powerful vocals in the style of Grace Slick lay back and trip away.  I Don’t Need Anyone melodic guitar that just takes you away to places in your mind and soulful vocals that just drift among the clouds.  In This Place starts with a jazz Motown bass and great soaring vocals then fuzz guitars and some interesting percussion more music to drift away with.  Energy Exploded take one final trip back to the late 60s early seventies to a time of peace and music to trip to.

Perished – Kark
Introduksjon has a melodic classical guitar and sounds like violins added as well.  Imens Vi Venter is just pure death metal with lots of force and fury and deep demonic vocals.  Stier Til Visdoms Krefter blast you in the face with total fury and aggression.  Pa Nattens Vintervinger has an eerie classical intro then the blast beats and sounds of hell kick in to just annihilate you.  Iskalde Strommer lost in the deep woods with nothing but fear to keep you company.  Og Spujta Fauk grabs you down there and just twists and turns in sheer agony.  Befri De Trolske Toner is very gothic and demonic in sense and style.  Renheten  Og Gjenkomsten grab ahold tight for a ride thru pure hell and total oblivion.  A Landscape Of Flames takes you to the abyss all the while kicking and screaming.  Kald Som Aldri For blast you back into hell every time you try to escape.  Gjennom Skjaerende Lys is the end of this death metal trip into the abyss.


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