Saturday, March 3, 2018

Bandcamp Bonanza – Preorder Paradise

Big supply of pre-orders on the shelf right now. Depending on when you read this these babies will either still be on pre-order status, all sold out, or streaming in full waiting for your stamp of approval. I am very excited and have featured just a slice of the pre-order pie awaiting launch from Bandcamp central.

Sergeant Thunderhoof – Terra Solus
One of 2018's most anticipated albums over here. Blistering grooves, soaring riffs, intoxicating atmosphere. What more can a girl want? I am confident the album will crush all in its path and the single is a good indication of that.

Chivo – Waiting for So Long
We’ve all been waiting for so long for a new Chivo album. The day has finally came. I would go ahead and just grab this as you know it’s going to be one of the more blistering stoner rock albums out in 2018. Mark my words. Chivo is excellent.

Green Desert Water – Solar Plexus
I’ve been a longtime fan of these guys, and its been a long time since we’ve heard anything new from them. Signed by Pioneers in the stoner rock scene, Small Stone Records, Solar Plexus promises to be a brilliant debut album by Green Desert Water, out of Spain. Let me tell you, I heard the demos of this quite some time ago, and listening to the single available now I promise you, you will be blown to pieces at how epic this new album is. Pre-order the vinyl today to ensure your spot in rock in roll history.

Diamond Skull - Sleepless
I’ve been rather sleepless since burning through these two preview tracks like a crack whore on an eight ball. This pre-order is going to be one of the most under talked about albums this month, or year perhaps. My instincts are telling me this one is all win. Let’s hope we get some shut eye and awake to a smashing release on April 15th. Cannot wait.

The Ugly Kings – Darkness is my Home
Oh boy, this leadoff single has everyone frothing at their tips, The Ugly Kings are back with album number 2, and this time the boys from Melbourne show no signs of slowing down. I anticipate the new one to come in hotter and heavier than anything they’ve put out. Prepare for rock n roll fury in the vein of Clutch with a deep bluesy swagger.

The Blackwater Fever – Delusions
It’s been a while since we heard from the Blackwater Fever, and what appears to be in store with their new album now up for preorder, Delusions, is a hopped up take on their signature blues sound. The tracks available to stream so far show signs of soul, pop, prog rock, and shades of punk or shoegaze. I for one am excited to hear this one and haven’t seen much hype for it yet. Why don’t we change that?

Gozu – Equilibrium
What more can we say about Gozu. Equilibrium is now up for pre-order and is glowing with hype as the 4 Boston born rockers are back with the debut smasher on Metal Blade Records. We can expect nothing but greatness from the lads, and the lead single promises to live up to the hype, much as ‘Nature Boy’ did on their last album out on Ripple Music in 2016, which garnered my Album of the Year.

Lonely Kamel – Death’s Head Hawkmoth
Ya, Camel with a K. Lonely Kamel mean business, and business is fucking good. Released on the prized label Stickman Records, Lonely Kamel have grown to be a cult classic band in the heavy stoner rock world. The latest album is going to completely rock the charts upon its release in late March. Pre-orders available now on bandcamp and over at the Stickman Store, where you’ll break your bank account if you’re not careful.

-The Huntsman

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