Saturday, March 17, 2018

Bandcamp Bonanza – Keeping The Fire Stoked

The weather outside has been either unseasonably warm, or brutally cold depending on what part of the northern hemisphere you reside. Out west, its finally getting cold and the music is keeping us warm. This week we feature some cream of the crop albums available right now at bandcamp.

Merlin – The Wizard
Merlin are a band who isn't afraid to mix it up. Each album brings a new twist of jazzy occult doom. The latest, out on vinyl via The Company, is a spellbinding listen that successfully incorporates the saxophone into the potent elixir of molten stone.

Flying Hair – Night Fight
This one grabs you by the psych and drags you through the SoCal slums, rattling punk rock anthems like vintage Rannalli trucks scaping an empty pool. The bass tones tweak like methamphetamine on a Friday afternoon as the guitar tones echo against demented vocal swoonage. Must have. Grab the cassette tape, it’s the same price as just digital including shipping. I think Riding Easy Records has the vinyl as well.

Wicked Wizzard – Wicked Wizzard
When you play a new album on bandcamp nonstop for the good part of the morning, there must be something special. Exactly what happened when the recommendation for this new album came across the feed. The artwork screams for a listen and by golly the tunes are wicked as hell. Piercing riffs impode with engaging vocals, and proto-tinged doom metal harmonies. It’s albums like these that keep me excited about the underground heavy rock scene. Dive in.

Naxatras – III
I predict this one will go down in many listener’s books as top albums released this year. Naxatras has released a monster of an album, potentially their best yet. Vocals on half the tracks where the other half take you on a space guitar odyssey across the galaxy.

Last of the Easy Riders – Unto the Earth
These guys are great. The new album sounds a little more country than their last one, with no less 60’s hippy psych effect and classic rock twang. Keep your ears on these lads, as Unto the Earth combines a mean steel guitar with a hippy harmony and a cosmic Americana twist.

Sleeping Village – Among the Gods
This one hung out in my wishlist for far too long. At only $3, its cheaper than that overpriced latte that is gone in 60 seconds. Sleeping Village is here to slumber with its dazzling vocals and thundering riffs. Short but mighy release. Don’t sleep on this one.

King Chiefs – Blue Sonnet
Formerly just plain old Chiefs, King Chiefs are back with a brand new album. Known for their catchy groove and toe tapping stoner rock vocals, Blue Sonnet have taken their reputable riffs to a new level. Not reinventing the wheel by any means, but King Chiefs just know how to write a catchy groove. Undeniably catchy through and through.

Painted Doll – Painted Doll
You really only have to look at the cover and see that this is being put out by Tee Pee Records to have confidence that this is quality. Just read the intro on their page. Don’t be scared, this is far from death metal, but the band members include Comedian / guitar shredder Dave Hill (Valley Lodge, Cobra Verde) and heavy metal legend Chris Reifert (Autopsy, Death). I for one found this to be very much enjoyable.

H.C. McEntire – Lionheart
Why wouldn’t I end this thread with a pure and honest country western album of the highest caliber? Some of you might know H.C. McEntire for her involvement in the indie rock band Mount Mariah on Merge Records. She decided being cool wasn’t cool enough and put out one of the best country albums I’ve heard all year. Not many in the underground country circles is talking about this yet, so be one of the first to tell your friends and gain that street cred that you deserve.

-The Huntsman

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