Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Come Back From The Dead - Caro Data Vermibus
Marcos - Drums, Hector – Guitar, Lago -  Bass, Miguel – Guitars, Paul – Throat

Vomits of A Demonic Infestation dark demonic vocals and death metal riffs grind you into the netherworld.  Caro Data Vermibus heavy plodding stoner meets death like a steam roller smashing you slowly into the ground.  Endless Bloodshed fast heavy thrash death metal with screaming guitars and growling vocals.  Carnivorous Craving From Beyond more grinding evil plodding riffs with demonic vocals.

Dark Hound - Dawning
ET Brown – Bass/Vocals, Evan Hensley – Guitar, Preston Walls – Guitar, Josh Brown – Drums

The Ashes Of Your Worth will take you back to the heyday of classic thrash speed metal great riffs ripping leads and head thrashing riffs.  Guilt Trip slow building into a thrash frenzy of sounds and fast beats has a very Rage from Germany sound.  Carnival Of Youth start the pit cause here comes a riff that will get it going hard and fast.  The Answer excellent shredding lead guitar that builds and builds into a crescendo of thrash heaven.  Crisis Of Hope get out the air guitar and prepare to thrash away with this great song.  Thrown To The Wolves fast heavy and in your face thrash speed metal that will remind you why you enjoyed this style of music.  Stripped Away acoustic guitar then the band kicks in and a great almost thrash progressive sound emerges.  Balancing Act Anthrax meets SOD meets MOD meets testament in this thrash classic style of song.  The Jagged Edge fast heavy but still with melody and some awesome screaming leads.  Thrashgasm get the pit thrashing for this excellent thrash speed metal ripping song.  Here Lies Truth fast heavy in your face riffs that just make you head sway and your fist pump away till the last note.


Devlsy – Private Suite
Giedrius – Guitar, Darius – Bass, Vytautas – Vocals/Drums

Corridors evil sounds build slowly moving toward t you to devour your very soul and drag you to hell.  Hatching Tomb, a weird driving riff and rhythm beat that just makes your heart skip beats evil a diabolical in sounds and feelings.  Bring My Word enveloping you from all around with sounds of evil and eerie feelings.  Patient #6 blast you in the face with a grinding riff that just tries to saw you in half.  Porta Formica slow dreary and evil taking your essence with it.  Horizon Attached dark evil and demonic stealing your soul and eating it.


Djinn And Miskatonic – Even Gods Must Die
Gautham Khandige – Vocals, Sriram Kvlteswaran – Guitar, Mushaf Nazeer – Guitar,
Jayaprakash Satanmurthy – Bass, Siddharth Manorahan – Drums

I, Zombie a slow and steady plodding bass and melodic guitar that builds into a Sabbath style of riff. Bones Of My Brothers is another stoner rock style of slow driving beat that just drags you along. Doombringer steady bass and guitar that takes you back to the days of early Sabbath mixed with psychedelia.  Frost And Steel is slightly heavier and a bit more up tempo but still just kick back and enjoy the trip.  Harvest Of Kings get ready to take a trip back to the early 70s with stoner and psychedelic rock.  Hangman’s Hope ends the album with more stoner psychedelia Sabbath inspired heavy rock that just moves on down the road to oblivion.


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