The Xroadie Files

Bjorn Flarf – Life in Sweden

Gordon Ramone – Guitar/Vocals, Will Collins- Drums, Martin Barman- Bass/Vocals

Dr. Widow dissonant guitars yelling vocals and heavy drum beats pounding away at you.  Butterfly Skull strange riffs pounding beats and dark punk style vocals with some melody added.  Drinking From The Cannon of Love is almost punk meets metal and some strange emotions.  Jan Hammer Smashed Face just fast in your face pounded down your throat punk metal.  Tirzov Vodka heavy power pop punk metal.  Second of Love get the pit ready to mosh and slam around.  Captain of Freedom more punk metal to just slam to.  Rooster heavy fast and in your face.  Pieces of Buddy Holly has some melody and is a strange trip of emotions.

Endre Nordvik – Suburb Hero
Endre Nordvik  - Guitar/Vocals

Gold is an excellent sing along melodic song to just relax with.  I Can’t Find My Way Home is an interesting melancholy folk rock song.  I’m in Love With You sit back with a brew and just close your eyes and drift along with the music and vocals.  Mother a country tinted folk rock song with lots of positive emotions.  Silvia Amberlie acoustic guitar and vocals that remind you of Gordon Lightfoot/Jim Croce.  Like Old Friends sit around the fire with friends and a few drinks and just relax and sway to the music.  Sometimes is another song that reminds me of the 70s folk rock that has lots of emotions.  I Believe is another emotional folky style of song.  In Your Garden acoustic guitar and emotional vocals that take you down the road of older times.  Let The Good Times In drift back to the 60s and 70s and just relax with some melodic music and vocals.    

Bill Nelson – Dreamy Screens (Soundtracks from The Echo Observatory)
Bill Nelson – All Instruments

Disc One –  (Sounding The Ritual Echo) - Annunciation, The Ritual Echo, Sleep, Near East, Emak Bakia, My Intricate Image, Endless Orchids, The Heat In The Room, Another Willing Opened Window, Vanishing Parades, Glass Fish (For the Final Aquarium), Cubical Domes, Ashes of Roses, The Shadow garden, Opium
A great Instrumental Album to just kick back close your eyes and drift to the sounds and sights that it brings to your mind it reminds me of Tangerine Dream.

Disc Two- (Das Kabinet) - The Asylum, Waltz, The Fairground, Doctor Caligari, Cesare The Somnambulist, Murder, The Funeral, The Somnambulist And the Children, Caligari Disciplines Cesare, Caligari Feeds Cesare, Caligari Opens The Cabinet, Jane discovers Caligari, The Attempted Murder Of Jane, The Dream Dance Of Jane And The Somnambulist, Escape from the rooftops, The Unmasking, The Shot, The Cabinet Closes
Another great instrumental soundtrack of sounds that will make you close your eyes and drift away into time and space with some very strange journeys.

Disc Three – (Le Belle Et La Bette) – Overture, The Family, Sisters And Sedan Chairs, In The Forest of Storms, The Castle, The Gates, The Corridor, The Great Hall, Dreams (The Merchant Sleeps 0, Fear (The Merchant Wakes), The Rose And The Beast, Magnificent (The White Horse), Beauty Enters the Castle, The Door, The Mirror, Candelabra And Gargoyles, Beauty And The Beast, Transition No. 1, Transition No.2, The Hunt, The Gift, The Garden, Transition No.3, Transition No.4, The Tragedy, Transition No.5, The Enchanted Glove, Tears As Diamonds (The Gift Reverses), The Beast in Solitude, The Return Of  Magnificent, Transition No.6 (The Journey), The Pavilion Of Diana, Transformation No.1, Transformation No.2, The Final Curtain
Instrumental soundtrack number three in this collection that takes you thru time spaces and different places in history and your mind just kick back relax and enjoy the trip.

Borracho – Riffography
Rectify stoner heavy rock at its finest dark grooves and heavy betas to sway along to.  Circulos Concentricos is a faster beat that would be great to listen to while riding down the highway.  Mob Gathering another excellent grove lading stoner rock song with lots of emotion and fist pounding riffs.  Short Ride (When It’s Over) foot tapping fist pounding song to just rock out to.  Stockpile is a slower plodding Sabbath style of riff that just drags you along for the ride.  Know The Score is more melodic at the start then an excellent mid-tempo riff that just takes you on a great trip to the open road.  Know My Name has that fist pumping hair flying foot stompin' style of stoner riff that makes you want to take on the world.  Kings Disease is more mid-tempo and stoner at the same time great emotions in the playing.  Fight The Prophets starts with an excellent drum beat and cowbell along with a steady heavy pounding riff that just catches your attention and some great southern rock style guitar playing.  Superego excellent almost jazz style drums and a Sabbath style rumbling bass along with a slow steady riff and lots of feeling.  Shark Tank sit back relax and just drift along with this excellent song and the great playing in it.  Border Crossing fist pumping head banging riffs that take you back to a better time and place.  Animal Magnetism lots of feedback and psychedelic trip on this cover of a Scorpions Classic.