Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Xroadie Files

Massgrav – Stockholm Rockers
Norse – Guitar/Vocals, Ola – Bass/Vocals, Fenok – Drums

24 songs of pure punk that range from a few seconds to a couple of minutes hard fast and in your face.  In the style of classic punk meets SOD.

Deadneck – Levitation
Aleski Laasko- Vocal, Sauli Purhonen – Guitar, Ville Priha – Guitar, Vesa Tiovanen – Bass, Mika Rasanen – Drums

Intro slow steady plodding droning feedback that just worms its way into your brain.  Sleepless is a slow Sabbath style of grinding riff that just seems to come up from beneath you and some very interesting vocals.  Born To Follow is more of an up tempo riff that will have you swaying to it and Headbanging.  Crimson Sky some very nice acoustic guitar that moves and grooves its way thru time and space then the rest of the band melds in to make a great song to just drift to.  Somersault more stoner psychedelia with a great riff and some excellent lead guitar to play air guitar.  Back On Top is slow bluesy steady riff oriented stoner rock that just slides down the road.

Anatomia – Cranial Obsession
Jun Tonosaki – Bass/Vocals, Takashi Tanaka – Drums/Vocals, Yukiyasu Fukaya – Guitars/Vocals

Necrotic Incision feedback slowly builds then a blast of evil and violence that just runs you over.  Fiend   punk meets death metal with lots of aggression. Vanishment starts with more of a Sabbath feel slow and plodding 14 minutes of pure noise and confusion in a death metal style with lots of twists.   Morbid Hallucination is more of a mid-tempo death metal song with lots of grinding riffs and deep dark vocals.      Excarnated   starts with some acoustic guitar very melancholy then plows along at an evil pace just dragging you along.  Uncanny Descension punch in your face dark evil death metal.  Abysmal Decay is over 15 minutes of dark dreary droning death that just drags you to hell. Reccurence more slow droning evil up from the abyss to annihilate your soul

Hawkmoth – Godless Summit
Aaron Steed – Bass, Andy Griggs – Guitar, Heath Blows – Guitar, Brendan Mackay - Drums

Godless Summit weirds strange sounds with guitar that melds in and slowly builds to a smooth steady beat and some excellent guitar. IBEX is more slow pounding droning plodding metal that just takes you on a weirds trip to infinity. Mala Fide sit back close your eyes and get ready to take a trip to the unknown and back. Charnel Grounds almost 14 minutes of mind trip music kind of like old Pink Floyd but with some new influences.

Rose Tiger – From Top To Bottom
Wendy Killmann – All Instruments

Look Around has that new wave sound from the 80s with lots of keyboards and drum machines with sing along vocals. Tiger Lilly (Lala Song) more almost disco meets new wave that would be great in a dance club reminds me of Flock Of Seagulls.  High And Low melodic keys that tune into another new age style song that just takes you back to the early days of MTV.


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