Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Xroadie Files

Primitive Man – Caustic
Ethan Lee McCarthy – Guitars/Vocals, Jonathan Campos – Bass, Joe Linden – Drums

My Will lots of feedback and slow plodding droning riffs with vocals from the mouth of a demon.  Victim more feedback and fuzz with a slightly mid-tempo beat and vocals that sear your soul.  Caustic noise from hades and other places beyond the grave then Commerce starts a slow plodding demonic marching from hell.  Tepid has feedback that hurts the ears and more slow plodding demonic sounds form the underworld.  Ash works its way into your brain with a screech then Sterility pounds you into submission then back to a slow march to hades.  Sugar Hole grinds its way into your very being sucking all of the light out.  The Weight has all the sounds of hell bearing down on you and just devouring your mind then Disfigured grabs your soul and rips it out.  Inevitable is just what it says the end of your sanity.  Absolutes feedback and strange sounds that slowly drive you insane totally.

Profetus – Coronation Of The Black Sun
V Kajansuu – Drums, Eppe Kuismin – Guitar, A Makinen – Guitar/Vocals, S Kajunssu – Keyboards

Skull Of Silence slow and steady Sabbath like rhythms that seems to be coming from a witches coven black mass.  The Eye Of Phosphoros grinds even deeper and darker into the black pit of nothingness.  Coalescence Of Ashen Wings growling grinding deep into your very being and just converting your soul to darkness.  Blood of Saturn worming its way up behind you grabbing your throat and just strangling the life out of you.  Saturine Night hidden deep in your sub conscious is lost emotions. Winter Solstice is just dark deep growling lost in the woods for your life music and vocals.  Blood of Saturn Live completes this horror music fest.

Purple Hill Witch – Celestial Cemetery
Kristian – Guitar/Vocals, Andreas- Bass, Oyvind – Drums

Ghouls In Leather guitar feedback slowly builds then bass comes in then the drums these guys were definitely influences by old Sabbath.  Harbinger of Death heavy riffs pounding drums and bass slow Sabbath stoner rock.  Celestial Cemetary continues the doom stoner festival that will have you just tripping away with some excellent lead guitar.  Around The Universe takes back to the early days of Black Sabbath and just slow emotional tripping music.  Menticide head banging heavy metal that just envelopes you and takes you away to another time and place.  The First Encounter could be on one of the first few Sabbath albums and fit in very well great moody heavy metal with some excellent searing lead guitar.  Burnt Offering ends this doom fest correctly with lots of great playing and emotion.

Shine Bright – More Wild Than The Wind
Spenser Sorensen - , Michael Burton –Guitar  , Zane Waltrous,-Vocals  Jordan Talley - Bass, Tailor Neilson-  Guitar

Grow Up hard core/pop punk vocals and interesting riffs with some excellent drumming.  Jamais Vu is slightly more melodic at the start the goes back and forth from hardcore to pop punk.  Remorse lots of feedback and a grinding riff with gruff yelling vocals.  With A Heavy Heart punches away at you and has some twists and turns.  More Wild Than The Wind has an excellent Green Day style of beat and some interesting vocals.


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