Thursday, August 10, 2017

Kyberox – Go Slow

So there's this new band around town called Kyberox. My town being Tacoma. If you've been around my town for awhile, some of these musicians will be familiar to you. You might have seen them with CFA or Argonaut or Chrono Bats, and that pedigree will give you some idea of what you might expect. You really need to check them out, though, because like any kind of new combination, there's always something unexpected.

I think it's great that this band has gotten 4 tracks written, recorded and out for our listening pleasure in such a short amount of time. The band describes their sound as influenced by KYUSS, Acid King, The Sword and John Williams. I can hear all of those. A lot of what I hear is doom, but with all kinds of interesting little things pulled in to the mix. If you are looking for straight up doom, this is not your band, but if you, like me, dig it when bands find ways to drag all kinds of influences into what you do, you need to hear this band.

“Strawberry Wizard” is a winner, both in terms of the name of the track and the music performed. It starts with a riff, like all good music should, and then the whole band kicks in like a sledgehammer to the chest, and it's on. Low and slow leads to something a little faster, back and forth between the two. The fuzz swirls around you like the smoke from a shaman's sacred fire and pulls you into the heaviness. Ride the riff and let it take you on your own vision quest.

“Blast” is the final track and it pulls together the best things of the previous three songs to wrap things up quite nicely. I dare you to listen to this one and not get the head nod going. I love it when bands can be heavy like this but still manage to get a nice groove going. The bands uses soft/loud dynamics, some cool guitar effects, and great lyrics to make this song a nice showcase for what they do.

This is a very good first step for a band that's only been together for a few months and I'm really looking forward to seeing them progress and grow. If they can come up with music this good right out of the gates they have a very bright future in the world of heavy.


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