Thursday, June 15, 2017

Smoke Mountain – S/T EP

Brian Pitt - Drums
Lee Pitt - Guitar
Sarah Pitt - Vocals

2.Violent Night
3.Smoke Mountain

This band coming from Florida arose in 2015.  Smoke Mountain is Sarah Pitt on vocals, Sarah's husband Lee Pitt on guitar and Lee’s brother Brian on drums.

In May they relased their self titled EP, written and produced by the band but mastered by the well known Carl Saff (Attala, LoPan).  On the record Lee plays bass but during the live shows they skip it. These three songs are a good introduction for me and I'm eager to hear some more from the band in the future.

The first song ”Demon” introduces the listener to the EP with a sampling about witches before a catchy melody kicks in. I love the dirty, fuzzed out main riff and the airy-fairy constant drum beat.

It surrounds the fuzz laden sound and the lovely haunting voice of Sarah.  I love how her voice is mixed to be the focal point of the record, but I don't feel like the vocals are overproduced.  She’s  guiding the listener through the heavy yet catchy fuzzed out melody in a delightful way.  Maybe it's the family bond creating an immense chemistry between the band?  At least that's what I hear.

“Violent Night”, the next song, is my favorite.  It has a howling guitar-figure in the beginning and a massive deluge of doom riffs hammering into your ear canal during the rest of the song before the sweetest Black Sabbath riff Iommi never wrote kicks in.  I’m also impressed how the guitar and cymbal crashes are fit into the song.  It's the sweetest perfection

On ”Smoke Mountain” Sarah's voice is outstanding once again.  She attacks the harsh lyrics with a spooky vibe.  The first time I listened to it I was lying in bed trying to sleep but during the song I needed to light my bedroom lamp because I thought she was singing from the top-point of my bed.  It was certainly a time to look over your shoulder not only once but twice!  Thankfully I realized her haunting voice only exists in my head.  The lo-fi distorted sound makes me shiver inside my bones and this is the best tribute to the classic old doom-bands in a long time.

This isn’t something new and many band have sounded like this before but still I’m in urgent need of more songs from the band.  It’s an overwhelming rendezvous of modern Doom and Stoner Metal and I really hope this band will give us a full length album soon.



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