Sunday, June 18, 2017

Massively heavy sludge/doom band TARLUNG unleash their new full length

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Mind-numbingly heavy, TARLUNG create thick, ponderous sludge that's sure to make your day. Check out this underrated band from Austria setting new standards of heaviness in the style.  Stream their entire album AT THIS LINK.

- "organic and visceral" - METAL NA LATA 9/10

- "a weighty album of growling malevolence and despair" - DESERT PSYCHLIST

- "drag the listener to dark places" - VOID

- "cover dark and esoteric themes" - DOOMED TO DARKNESS

Dense and suffocating, TARLUNG's music crawls along ponderously, squeezing the life out of its listeners. This kind of expression in sludge is rarely done but ends up being most satisfying. The riffs command the direction, as within the mire of the deafening sludge you have catchy hooks and memorable tunes. Influences from closely related genres such as death metal and even stoner doom coalesce to form their monolithic sound. This is the band's latest full length album and it lays waste to everything else they've done before. Listen to one of the heaviest albums in this style and quiver under its might.
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Line up:
Rotten - Guitars
Marian Waibl - Drums
Phillip "Five" Seiler - Guitars and Vocals

Track list:
1. It Waits In The Dark 01:50
2. Dying Of The Light 08:16
3. Mud Town 06:27
4. Kings And Graves 09:47
5. The Prime Of Your Existence 10:56
6. Resignation 04:02
7. Born Dead 09:13
8. Beyond The Black Pyramid 07:29
9. Karma 08:21

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