Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Her Name Was Fire - Road Antics

This is one of those times waveriders.  I know we all share the same feeling of exuberance when we discover an album that seems to have been produced solely to please our ears.  It's otherworldly, and today I'm ridiculously happy to share a recent discovery which fits the bill.  Enter Her Name Was Fire and their tremendous new album Road Antics!

I won't hide the fact that I enjoy listening to a wide variety of music.  My belief in keeping my playlists eclectic has paid off immensely, allowing me to unearth all kinds of interesting artists who play weird, wonderful tunes.  That said I often need to bring things back to basics and reenergize myself with some old fashioned hard rock.  It's a good thing I write for this site because well, that's kind of our thing.

While Her Name Was Fire is not a Ripple Music band they absolutely, one hundred percent fit the bill.  Hailing from Portugal they label their style "groove-infused stoner rock".  My goodness is that a true statement of fact!  The ten songs making up Road Antics are all shining examples of the almighty rock 'n' roll!  We have bountiful, mammoth guitar riffs coupled with resounding, dynamite drumming.  The vocals are pitch perfect.  These elements perfectly coalesce to deliver elephantine melodic hooks that will have you bobbing your head and singing along faster than you can say, "This album goes to eleven".

As I alluded to earlier my friends, there is not an inferior song on this album.  Actually, scratch that statement.  There isn't even a mediocre song on this album.  Album opener "Little Pain" wastes no time revving the engines before unleashing the chorus-based nitrous.  "Take My Soul" lessens the tempo but compensates with a monolithic guitar riff.  "Gone In A Haze" lulls the listener into a false sense of security until the distortion hammer drops.  I could go on but that would needlessly elongate this review.  The only other song I'd like to highlight is my personal favorite track "Summer Strummer".  I love everything about this song.  Period.  End of story.

Waveriders, although I feel this album was produced specifically for me and my rock loving ears I'm willing to share my newfound treasure with all of you.  Road Antics from Her Name Was Fire is one of the best albums I have listened to all year long.  I strongly encourage you to listen for yourselves!  Just don't blame me when it takes up permanent residence in your playlists.  Actually, never mind.  I'll happily take that blame.  Rock on folks!


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