Monday, February 6, 2017

Bangladeafy - Narcopaloma

Do you need a jolt waveriders?  You know what I'm talking about.  Right about now you're tired of all the staid, formulaic music shoved down your throat on a daily basis.  What you're looking for is music that will cleanse your musical palette, something which is interesting enough to allow you to persevere in the face of nonstop mediocrity.  Well I have your lightning rod my friends.  It's the new Narcopaloma EP from Bangladeafy!

I was fortunate enough to discover Bangladeafy back in 2012 after being sent their first album, This Is Your Brain On Bugs, for review.  This extremely talented duo immediately put me under their spell.  About a year later I encountered their follow up EP The Briefcase and my fandom grew by leaps and bounds.  Fast forward to present day.  The Narcopaloma EP has arrived and it feels like a natural evolution of what makes this band so interesting.

What does Bangladeafy sound like?  The overall sound is rather simple.  You have bass and you have drums.  Synthesizer accents spice things up but the bass and drums carry the load.  How would I classify them?  That's a bit more difficult.  For starters these songs have more twists and turns than a hedgerow maze.  Relaxing mood music this is not!  No, this is metal of the math-y, noise-y, progressive variety.  Also this new EP is completely instrumental, a notable departure from the band's previous releases which featured primarily abrasive vocals.

In my humble opinion these new songs distill Bangladeafy's music into it's purest form yet.  We have two musicians who work seamlessly together to weave highly intricate blasts of technical excellence.  Fortunately for us they also remember to build their songs around head banging hooks and hefty grooves.  It just so happens that all of these hooks, grooves, and demonstrations of acrobatic musical proficiency are delivered in ultra-compact doses of three minutes or less which never overstay their welcome.

To sum up waveriders Narcopaloma from Bangladeafy is short, sweet, and ridiculously entertaining!  If you allow it this EP will jump start your lethargic listening habits, but please remember to ground yourself before pressing play.


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