Monday, December 12, 2016

Deerhoof - The Magic

Have you ever listened to music that a lot of people love and not understood what all the fuss was about waveriders?  I can tell you this happens to me frequently.  But what about this situation?  Let's say you dismissed a band or artist after hearing some of their work which did not agree with your eardrums, yet when you listen to that same artist years later you have an altogether different reaction.  You get it!  These songs sound great!  This happens to me too, so without further ado I'd like to write a little something about the band Deerhoof and their latest album The Magic.

Back in 2011 I heard Deerhoof's Deerhoof Vs Evil and I didn't make a connection.  I bounced off that album...hard.  To be perfectly honest based off of my reaction I completely dismissed Deerhoof and didn't look back until very recently.  While cruising for new tunes that perked up my ears I thankfully landed upon The Magic.  Seconds into the first track I knew this was a ride I wanted to take.  You know what they say folks.  Time changes a person.  Well, consider me a changed man! 

I'm not about to shout to the heavens that I cherish Deerhoof's entire catalogue but I absolutely love this album!  It's melting pot of punk rock with flourishes of electronica, thick bass-heavy grooves, alternative rock, and Talking Heads-esque melodies is positively infectious!  The songs twist and turn in all kinds of interesting ways, keeping the listener attentive and on their toes for the album's entire forty one minute run time.  The Magic does not have a song which can be singled out as the weak link.  Due to that fact I cannot actually tell you what my favorite track is because I don't have one.  What I can do is steer you towards the songs that you will find most enjoyable.

Punk fans should gravitate towards the songs "Dispossessor", "That Ain't No Life To Me", and "Plastic Thrills".  Folks wanting to hear some artfully funky tracks should immediately seek out "Life Is Suffering" and "Debut".  Those who are seeking a more alternative approach need to listen to "Kafe Mania", "Learning To Apologize Effectively", and "Little Hollywood".  And then there are the songs that stand apart like album opener "The Devil And His Anarchic Surrealist Retinue", "Criminals Of The Dream", "I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire", and "Nurse Me".  The point is that there is a whole lot to like on this album.

Waveriders I'm not the man I used to be.  Once upon a time Deerhoof produced music I did not connect with, but The Magic has drawn me into the light.  This album is nothing less than tremendous!  When you're on the hunt for something interesting and fulfilling to listen to this music should be your destination. 


PS: Would you look at that?  I made it through this entire review without yielding to my base desire to describe this album as magical!  Aren't you proud of me?

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