Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ripple Music: Huge Pre-holiday Sale Happening Now!

Our biggest sale of the year!  The best prices we ever do.  LP's as low as $7, CD's as low as $5, even double LP's and limited edition colored vinyl as low as $10!  Sale will go while supplies last or until the holidays get too crazy, which ever happens first.  So don't wait, stop on buy the Ripple webstore and fill in all those gaps in your Ripple collection.  Been meaning to pick up some Mos Generator?   Need some Stone Axe?  Sweat Lodge burning a hole in your want list?   We got all those on sale plus much, much more, nearly the entire catalog.  So now's your chance.  www.ripple-music.com.
And coming next, in December, keep your eyes peeled for the next chapter in the Second Coming of Heavy Series. Chapter 4 features Red Mesa and Blue Snaggletooth in a fuzzed out bonanza of interstellar space and stoner rock.  All three limited editions (Resurrection, Risen OBI and the Ascension) will be in stock by end of November for a release date early December.  Stay tuned as "one of the best split series of all time" continues it's march through all 10 chapters!

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