Saturday, November 5, 2016

Bandcamp Bonanza – Deep Cuts

Every once in a while I need to take a step backward and refresh on albums I was into while back. In my case, my bandcamp collection has much to offer and honestly it’s easy to get lost in there resulting in the potential to never find your way back home. Musically speaking that is great, and today I did some digging, deep into the vaults of my ever growing collection and found a few goldmines I hadn’t listened to and worth a mention in case you hadn’t picked up on them yet. Here I present some deep cuts residing in the belly of my bandcamp collection. Enjoy!

Dolmenn – I
Dolmenn were the first to pop up on my random camp dig, as I read my own description and remembered how intense the hard rock grooves were on this album. For name your price, it doesn’t get a whole lot better. Listening to these old finds again amongst the current crops of new releases sometimes makes you appreciate them even more when they stand up to some of your current favorites. Dolmenn is no exception to that rule. This stuff rocks hard, no pun intended.
DOLMENN didn't invent the rock n' roll wheel, nor do they re-invent it. Rather they inflate their tubes with THC smoke and grind out groovy slabs of stoner metal floating the listener down the hard rock highway. Puts the ROCK in stoner rock and the spins the ROLL right on down the road. Top notch stuff.”

The Legendary Goodtimes – The Legendary Goodtimes
The Legendary Goodtimes contain some seriously catchy grooves. Straight out of Medford, Oregon, the group recorded straight from analog to bring us a bluesy affair of dynamite hooks and goodtime vibes sure to become legendary. Myself and the Evil Engineer Bill Goodman both agree, there is something worth listening to here. This would go great on vinyl. I think they are due for some new material. Maybe someday if enough folks catch on we will be able to experience a Legendary Goodtime circled around the turntable listening to the exquisite jams.
I don't always spend $8 for a digital download but when I do I make sure the music is superb. this is superbly executed retro blues/stoner rock. "What do you say baby, thats all I wanna know"Favorite track: Your Momma Don't Like Me.”

Doublestone – Wingmakers (Basically the whole discography)
WOW! I remember really digging the heavy, groovy stoner vibes of Doublestone back when they released their full length debut a couple years ago. There was a relatively good buzz hovering over the Danish Trio upon release and really leading up to it with the previous EPs on the shelf. In fact, today I listened to the entire discography not once, but 3 times in full on and off throughout the day and was so impressed and reinvigorated with the band that I dropped some serious cash and ordered up both the vinyl options available which include the full length Wingmakers, and the self-titled EP. Pay attention as they have new material brewing and bound to blow your mind with its release. Until then, it’s never too late to get in on the goods over in Doublestone camp.
Just the perfect combination of heady groove meets catchy, distorted fuzz with killer vocals bouncing with rhythm and ringing with blues. I bought this long ago and revisited to buy on vinyl.”

I played these in this order today along with repeats and was extremely happy getting a good refresher from hunting down entirely new albums. I even came out with a couple vinyl records that will be on their way soon. Bandcamp bonanza was in full effect today as the playlist was never dull. This can happen to you too, all you need to do is sign up for a fan or band account. Pretty self-explanatory. I hope to see you soon and I plan to dive deep into the archives more often as it almost feels like you’re digging in your own crate of vinyl you forgot you had. Fun times.

 -The Huntsman

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