Wednesday, October 12, 2016

It Came From ReverbNation - The Ripple Music-ReverbNation Playlist Part 1: featuring King Bison, Dilynda, Love of the Trinity, Jennalyn Ponraj, Face the King, John Moukarzel, Roses and Cigarettes, and Dean Man's Ransom

Welcome waveriders.  Once again the good folks at ReverbNation asked us to participate in a promotion for their millions of bands and artists.  Who ever was interested had 60 days to submit one song to us.  I then promised that I'd go through each submission and write a quick line about the 20 that caught my ear.

2332 artists submitted from all genres.  Originally, I only wanted to review heavy rock stuff, you know, Ripple Music record label kinda stuff, but wouldn't you know it, I simply fell in love with some of the voices, songs, craft and melodies of some very surprising (to me) submissions. I don't really lean towards Country/Americana, yet Roses and Cigarettes grabbed my ears and refused to let go. I've been bored with too many emo-ish pop bands and intended to skip the whole scene, but a talented young signer/songwriter named Jennalyn Ponraj was way, way too talented to ignore.  Not looking for any indie, folk or alternative yet you'll find amazing songwriters/performers like Dean Man's Ransom on the list.  That's not even to mention some of the amazing artists that crossed my computer, like King Bison, John Moukarzel, Face the King.  Way too many to name here.  And despite the fact that ReverbNation ranks submissions by how many fans, facebook/followers they have, etc, I intentionally ignored those rankings and often started at the bottom of the list where the irie as all get-out, reggae of Love of the Trinity was just waiting to be found.

Its a very mixed, eclectic playlist for all kinds of moods.  In other words, it's what the Ripple Effect is all about.

My apologies to all the others who submitted.  Some of these cuts were brutal for me.  It was a brutal process, listening to each and every one of the 2332 submissions and trimming it down.  Once I got the list down to about 100 the process trudged to a snail's pace. 

So, without further ado, the Ripple Music ReverbNation playlist, part 1.  Part 2 plays next week.

King Bison - Dr Strange

Actually, King Bison are well known to me, travelling in the same circles as many of the Ripple Music Label bands, and good friends with man.  Heavy, fuzzed out stoner doom is the name of the game here. Rough and rowdy and ready for a fist fight.

 Dilynda - Free to Fly

Smooth and sultry, Dilynda has a voice that just can't be ignored.  I think Si*Se, I think Sade, I think Massive Attack.  Down tempo, ultra-smooth R&B, chill.  Whatever.  It's beautiful.

Love of the Trinity aka Fikre Selassie - Oh Jah

Lot's of reggae was submitted but no one came close to capturing the true roots flavor of classic reggae as did Love of the Trinity.  Both in terms of rastafarian devotion and musical tone, Fikre Selassie is the real thing.  With a voice that reminds me of the classics like Dennis Brown and Freddie McGregor, I could definitely go for a full-length album of this pure reggae bliss.

 Jennalyn Ponraj - Brooklyn

With a voice that comes right out of the Adele songbook, and musical development far in excess of her 16 years, Jennalyn is definitely one to watch.   Man, her voice drips emotion and the song is captivating.  Can't wait to see where she is in 10 years.  Top of the world is my guess.

Face the King - You, Me & the Sound

Big - I mean BIG- anthemic arena rock in the vein of U2 and Coldplay.  And while that may sound derivative, the lads pack enough originality and talent into what they're doing that no one would ever call them a tribute act.  Massive choruses, soaring vocals and layers upon layers of guitars.  Beautiful

John Moukarzel - A World in the Dark 

Post-punk electronica of the sort that hasn't been heard since the '80's.  Not derivative by any means, but inspired, and truly inspired.  Classic darkwave bassline undulate underneath as John's gorgeous tenor floats across the top.  Danceable yet moody.  Celebratory yet haunted.  Perfect.

Roses and Cigarettes - Whiskey Down

I fell in love with these women the first moment I heard them.  Jack Daniels-soaked Americana with some crunch and muscle and the most perfect female dual vocals you've ever heard.  When these women harmonize, the clouds part, the sky opens and rays from heaven's above come pouring down.  Forget new Country, this is what country is supposed to sound like.

Dead Man's Ransom - Down by the Water

Straight up, Texan-fuelled southern rock with more than a touch of the blues and a country hint.  Deep baritone vocals ride roughshod over the crunching riffs and flying bass.  Pure kickass, get down, party in the backyard country rock.

-- Racer

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