Saturday, October 1, 2016

Bandcamp Bonanza –Bad Ass Alert

My excuse for not updating this feature in over a couple weeks is going to be there is too much bad ass shit out, and keeps coming out, I don’t know where to begin. Here are several banging albums that come with a high recommendation by The Huntsman himself. Bad Ass Alert commences below:

Atomic Peat – Octophobia
Filthy grooves and nuclear riffs react to create an atomic affair of head-bobbing hooks meets fist raising melody. This is infectiously catchy with a euphoric ring and silky smooth harmony.

Horizon - Tales from Hydra Cluster
This is definitely one of those albums that needs to come out on vinyl. I think it is in time as the last album was out on Nasoni Records and it rocks too.
From the strong, serenading Spanish vocal accents to the hypnotically driving riffs, Horizon eclipse the boundary of quintessential stoner rock. I so need this on wax. Hell, I still need the last one too. Somebody send me some money please!! Favorite track: El Padre.

Sonora Ritual – Dust Monument
The new Sonora Ritual album is offered up at name your price and came out of nowhere to blow your mind. Stunning album once again.
I'm gonna go grab a beer and enjoy this ride! Come along. It will be fun!

Thundering Herd – Backyard Junkyard
Shit this one I may have already posted on the bonanza  I can’t remember. Either way its so good it deserves a second mention anyway.
The thrash metal based heavy grooves are relentless. High speed technical and calculated, yet intoxicatingly groovy riffs explode amongst a nostalgic heavy rock vocal that is both infectious and powerful at the same time. This never gets old.

Fall of an Empire - Croweater: An Echo in the Bone
This one has been getting rave reviews throughout the community and for good reason. Again check the new one and also check the old one if you haven’t already as it too is splendid.
Bone breaking riffs echo with soothing solos and clean, powerful vocals. This is some seriously good heavy rock n roll! Bluesy, psychedelic, metallic, and loaded with rhythmic groove.

Bone Jack – The Fallen
Australian heavy rock and roll purveyors of psychedelic blues Bone Jack have emerged as a mind blower for myself. Plenty of material to check out and trip out to. This is cool shit. Very fun music.
Brain melting psychedelic blues with sultry vocals crooning like Stevie Ray Vaughn met The Allman Brothers in the desert high on fuzz pedals and weed!

If you ever need to just find the one stop shop for albums like this you can always follow me on bandcamp and check out my page. I just like saying the term bad ass sometimes. Especially when talking about music. This shit is bad ass!

-The Huntsman

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