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SVVAMP stream RidingEasy Records debut album in full at debut of

"The breadth of influences makes this a varied listen, with the band twisting those influences to sculpt something of their very own and creating a sound that is unified rather than disparate." -- Powerplay

"One can hear a pronounced influence from Pentagram's First Daze Here as well as Blue Cheer as though the last 45-years melted away and the Psychedelic Era begun anew." -- The Obelisk

"It is such a trip that three Swedish dudes can create tunes that sound like they are opening for the MC5. There is no way around it -- this f**king band can rock, straight up!" -- CvltNation

Swedish trio Svvamp are streaming their forthcoming debut album on RidingEasy Records in full starting today on the debut day for the new music site Hear and share Svvamp album HERE. (Direct Soundcloud).

Svvamp is the real deal. Countless bands today strive to sound genuine -- whether faking their way through a ProTools pastiche of carefully assembled takes, painstakingly tarnishing tracks to give them a "live feel" or simply copying the style of their favorite band. And, usually, their posturing is entirely transparent.

Every once in a while though, you find a band without self-conscious pretense that truly echoes the mood and vibe of an era when the rulebooks were burned with the draft cards and the act of playing rock'n'roll was simultaneously defiant and inherently casual. Svvamp is just that type of primordial beauty captured on a perfect 11-song debut.

Svvamp was created by three friends - Adam Johansson, Henrik Bjorklund and Erik Stahlgren - drawn together for the sake of jamming and a love of rock, folk and blues. Their resulting heavy psych sound is immediately gripping in its homespun feel and hints of Cream, Eric Bell-era Thin Lizzy, CCR and Crazy Horse.

"Our first recordings were made on a 4-channel cassette PortaPro (with microphones that we found lying around) and were really crude, recorded live to cassette," the band explains. "We grew fond of that live feel and demo takes started to sound like finished songs. Over time, with almost everything made live in our rehearsal room, it became a full album."

"Serpent in the Sky" kicks things off with a syncopated bluesy riff romp, while "Burning Down" echoes the stomping freeform feel of the New Yardbirds' "How Many More Times." Once things settle in to the laid back shuffle of "Free At Last", Svvamp really finds its groove and lets loose like Axis: Bold As Love Jimi Hendrix. "Time" sounds almost like Ziggy Stardust era Bowie with a boogie swagger and cheeky vocals. "Set My Foot and Leave" sounds as earnest and unpretentious as The Faces (and at times like Rod Stewart's "Maggie May", without all that shaggy, smug Rodness). Elsewhere, "Blue In the Face" slips into a heavy groove while "Oh, Girl" bashes out stop 'n' go riffs with the Marshall stack dramatics of Blue Cheer. Chiming mandolin and acoustic guitars lead the charming closing anthem, "Down By The River" (not the Neil Young song).

Svvamp will be available everywhere on LP, CD and download on September 2nd, 2016 via RidingEasy Records.
Artist: Svvamp
Album: Svvamp
Record label: RidingEasy Records
Release date: September 2nd, 2016

01) Serpent in the Sky
02) Fresh Cream
03) Burning Down
04) Free At Last
05) Time
06) Set My Foot and Leave
07) Big Rest
08) Golden Crown
09) Blue in the Face
10) Oh, Girl
11) Down By the River

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