Bandcamp Bonanza – Mississippi Live

Every once in a while a band shows up in camp and blows your socks off high enough to end up with their discography added to your collection. In today’s case we’re talking about Mississippi Live & the Dirty Dirty. I found out about them via my bandcamp feed seeing one of the fans I “follow” had purchased the album. Coaching lesson for any of you unfamiliar with the feed, it’s sort of like scrolling through your facebook or Instagram feed except it’s not full of cat pictures and political memes. In contrast, the bandcamp feed is custom tailored with fan’s purchased items on bandcamp. You choose who to follow and who to have access to on the feed. In my case, I have a select few who I can always count on for finding those hard to reach albums. I follow fans within several genre classes to get a good cross section of taste. I don’t put all my eggs in one basket per se. Today’s fan spotlight is within the alternative country, Americana, rock sector; fan Rick Simmons. Check out his page, and give him a follow.

Admittedly I have a soft spot for anything alternative, outlaw, punk rock with a country backbone. Mississippi Live & the Dirty Dirty had me at their description from the get go.

"If Pearl Jam’s and the Drive-By Truckers’ tour busses collided en route to a Neil Young show in New Orleans, the result might sound like Mississippi Live & the Dirty Dirty’s CD 'Going Down.' (LA Beat) Mississippi Live & the Dirty Dirty hail from Vancouver, BC. They have been described as "Springsteen in his darker moments..."
For anyone a fan of the Truckers, Springsteen, Pearl Jam, outlaw country, or anything Americana, this will most definitely get the blood pumping. Its rock and roll at its heart, loaded with catchy licks and dark, brooding atmosphere.

Like I said, I purchased the discography, which is a cool option on bandcamp. There are no physical albums available unfortunately, as I’d really love the ‘real’ discography. The 30% off price tag for 6 releases, some singles, and the ability to show off on my collection was worth the price tag. I only listened to half the latest album, I Ain’t Dyin

Before my instincts deciding the whole boat was the best option. And boy, oh boy was I right. The foot stomping blues licks off the latest album only begin to describe the variety on the discography and displayed on the early stuff. Way Down Here

Exhibits a sublime mix of boogie blues, heart breaking Americana, and raspy driven alternative country rock. The description maintains its aptitude as I can hear shades of Springsteen throughout, with a 90’s rock vibe of Pearl jam lingering latently throughout and the overall riffage of the Drive-By Truckers presented sporadically throughout. The range of each and every album has the ability to tug at your heart strings with the deep throbbing soulful yearns, and the dust drenched backwoods blues that yank you back and forth from opposing sides of ecstasy.

I still haven’t decided which one I like best. Each time I push play on a different album I am reminded that IT is the best one. I can’t recommend this band enough. It’s not stoner rock, it’s not metal, it’s not even country, it’s a mish mash of everything that gets my goat and ticks my clock.

The tone of the guitars ring with a grandiose nostalgia, twangy enough to lure in a country bumpkin, sophisticated enough impress bearded brethren of the urban variety and powerful enough to send shivers down the spine of a statue.  I’ve been playing these albums almost daily and they’re great for that music when the wife and kids, and even parents are around, as there’s something for everyone to enjoy. I can’t quite get the same reaction with some of the heavier rock and metal I listen to. This is good old fashion summertime grilling or hanging at the lake type of music.

This is just one of the bands that offer up the discography option on bandcamp. If you play your cards right, you can end up stacking your collection with complete sets from all your favorites. Financially it’s a blessing and a disguise, as you will spend more but the unit pricing goes down, depending on how you look at it. Mississippi Live deserves the chance to be featured in the bonanza this go-around. Don’t hesitate to check it out and grab at least one of the albums. I recommend them all.